Monday, June 28, 2021

Quicksands Of Gamma

Throughout the woven passageways leading into that faraway
A single travel of thousand year speed would only see mist and spray
Around it turns, suns burn in the reach of its spark, and the spiral will sway
All of a fast moving sphere, all folded in dark, and all so clear

Giant cloud forms in opposite spiral under the other, being of unknown size
Long passing to another distance that cannot be seen with any scope of eyes
Like a deep cave in suspended core-glaze, in blue rays, eruptions ablaze
A distance quite inconceivable but the beauty all too believable
Dark forlorn grounds of outside moon that held no freeze or heated extreme
Stretched past orbital connection and solar reflection in the glows of far off gleam
A galactic disc throwing back light in isolated quavers formed in a dense whole
Absorbing moon that strayed, a measured part small, the rest was unknown
The pulse, a beat so vast, a wave of expansion, a turning so fast
And with that there was not only one way, but many gone past

Up toward deep blue sky, unlike day, unlike night, a billowing cloud rose
So thick was the outer layer that a giant archer could stand under its slopes
The grounds held no quiver, and archer gave way as a mere silent gate and song
The endless clarity beneath a tepid vapor has been immensely prolonged
Out on center spin pulses race unseen from below, rarely to flutter, never to slow
Taking in light years in a single flow, and yet only to utter the reddish aglow
Reaches that can be detected of every single layer wound in velvet leaf
Staring down from impossible heights while velvet sands lie underneath
Still while the passage to this point flew past so much in black path
Unnumbered shape-scattered mass adjusting to quasar's flames of wrath
Out of invisible streams of the finest dust there will follow more
Toward Gamma globular clusters wrapped of darkness with weightless core
The sands of under layers beneath galaxy's disc, the grains suns have sown
Expanded far beyond their tone, in a swarm, vast and unknown
Before coming upon the pull of pulsar's light, each turning beam is open
Vaporous globes bellow and sigh, but of Gamma, a passage is spoken
Wide arms envelope like splashes of white frozen blankets of designed coils
Drawn into a flame we can only imagine, only guess the raging boils
And the grains each have their own density and partly cover this expanse
Slowly shifting to and fro until a certain point where they wildly advance
Always drifting into oblivion and reaching another far off beyond
Uncounted for the beginning is multitude, concealed and foregone
The focused giant mass that soars beyond the uttermost overhead
It's difficult to know the center of the storm for an endless spread
Wherever the consuming core lies, anywhere is within storm's eye
But calm continues and out on solar tracts, harmony continues by
Hiding the under-layer of quicksands below galaxy's disc, a top side sand
Though remnants their beauty so fragile you dare not reach out your hand
Still the layers wound in smoothest circles round crystalline star-made branch
With great speed stars whip by in linear trails which fade into spiral avalanche
Like a revelation of heaven's mass, universe's formidable mixtures pass
From under dark grounded grass, there's still element of crystal glass
Frictional sparks thrown out so far from all this way seems a single flare
Aimlessly falter in such that is dim, suddenly Gamma enhances the glare
Close to each of the spinning orbs one can feel the intense energy
And looking toward the direction they go seems an uncertain destiny
Gazing over the long dark space that reaches no end, they'll pulsate
And from Gamma once again was their glowing complete, ever their fate
Perhaps from every corner of darkness there can be heard its pulse
In moving parts of chaotic worlds' starkness, solar realms waltz
But out beyond the giant sphere of mass density is where they're bound
Floating so long in the comprehension of time that no eon is to be found
In all of the nowhere endlessly the sight never loses its wonder
For in the whole of its majesty there could never be any number
So now in the trails of frozen void, the beauty of Gamma is unspeakable
On ways and courses that appear ahead, nowhere calculates as unreachable
And the traveler seeks what the travel itself beckons of traveler's view
Going further on the quicksands awaken dormant specks of red color hue
Weaving through fixed light made up of multi shades of violet plumes
Long funnels of designed matter stretch over rolling proportional fumes
Forms of cloud hover over mounded top bringing a sprinkling of downpours
Whereas a dry wrapping of heat is magnified to surround their very course
Below, the unknown solid landings of Gamma are exceedingly churning
From all corners past its expanding, all paths are toward it turning
Outer ice drifting amid large fragmented rock that once had form
Matter that had been crushed by hurled giants as debris from a storm
Through an almost endless series of great drops and sheer, terrific falls
A tremendous crashing stirring is almost silent before nebular walls
Reaching again far into outer frozen webs and inner clustered mass
Upon each side dances strange characters of nameless dust and gas
Where all was aflame from afar now seems only a dense glowing
While still the sands swell up and out into a distance of no showing
Ahead there may be seen formations circled beginning to unfold and open
Their slow moving makes no witness of fragile cover that seems broken
And whatever could be their guide stands clear in the utmost of all powers
For never could there be a pool so wide that galaxies are scattered showers
So unlike anything of solar origin and yet an equivalent of all planetary
The rays of Gamma pull with such a force that its core seems imaginary
The blanket of stars position at random as if deepening wraps inside greater trails
Far off surface begins to tear apart and pull into further cracks under vapor sails
And out on unbounded plane there shines a reflection as if by a sun
However it is clearly only an illumination of stellar creations begun
At zero and zero minus, layers bounding through currents in a sea of space
Out beyond the scope of this other side that may lead to Gamma's face
Soft light twinkles hiding the true density, and moon worlds draw in turns
Starlight of unknown immensity, small to that which Gamma churns
Ever the planes expand and appear to strain further to awaiting shores
Until finally Gamma's surface directly engulfs all the eye explores
A darkness surrounding the mass in thin, breathless whispers of cold
But no quiver is detected from the soft velvet grounds as sands enfold
Accumulating around tiny spores are airy fragments in magnetic suspension
And the vastness of Gamma becomes at this point all of every dimension
Negative energies of what used to soar, now lie quiet as dust from before
Like a cauldron of seething force, all filters through the very core
Under a mind-boggling depth the levels down continue and grow warm
Within a complete passing of Gamma time do the softer crusts start to form
Then does the wave of dense flame heat an element used of pulsar speeds
And of pulsar each turn expands in swollen cloud echo, and its signal impedes
To every star off away so very far, was Gamma's call and pulsar's warning
The boiling pools in Gamma, of all its sands, massive grains are swarming
Upon whatever form still of original size, the ice no longer exists
Broken up and melting beyond any water vapor that could persist
Roots of strange ancient growth are climbing ever far above in the dim
A darkly furnace now becomes a vast space of itself, a place of the grim
Any chill element, every cold lair, has no meaning of this great fiery sea
Woven into such granular metric hair, element broken down atomically
A field of systems outside the field of the sands that steadily hold dramatic steam
Weave around the events and trap no measure of time to go unhindered like a dream
But dead matter traveling on as if the consuming fires of Gamma were their destiny
With no doubt it will be different, changing within Gamma's raging intensity
The entity that is this force having the intelligence that clouds wrung round it race
A solid realm that treads like an intricate lace, the dark red core is ever set ablaze

The very core shifts by stars in tremendous mass past knowing, in nova's deluge
Down below Gamma's grounds of velvet-leaf is death's last and only refuge
For all the journey it would take, all these sands out on galaxy's wake
May never reach beyond Gamma's stake, for beyond time it would take
So in verse, in poetry I have found a way to tell of great and unfathomable things
I know not how every end will be, I have questions bouncing off Saturn's rings
Reaching the point where sands of matter begin their rolling tide
Pass the endless scope of Gamma's sphere until at last gone through
Gamma's massive side

©Iggy 1998

Sunday, June 27, 2021

From The Deep There Were Drums

Through darkness thick and darkness deep
Well footing and instinct may serve very well
Always wondering if this is all an image of sleep
And reminding ourselves this is the waking realm
Gripping the edges of walls and ready to draw the sword
Struggling along trying to keep a steady pace
Once these were halls in golden light and once adored
Now given way to foreboding in an empty place
From the beginning we knew there were dark feelings
And at the other end into the sun, still warnings we must heed
Past these tunnels and roads, hollow, vast limestone ceilings
Going on with only the faintest idea of where it may lead

No markers between and guessing from rumor we're halfway through
No matters from the outside world could again be more pressing 
If the twinkling of only one tiny star could be mirrored in this pool
It would seem the mountain were small and so the strain of guessing
Walk carefully and know that each sigh is felt behind and ahead
I cannot tell if something awaits further on or if I'm afraid
Because sometimes long ago tales we've heard spoke of such dread
In such a gloom and only barely a dim torch, everywhere can fade
Scattered treasure that once had value in whatever it served
The few words we speak now and a memory of song as it comes
Feels as though the more treasure is regarded, the more obscure
The silence is broken for from the deep there were drums
Perils had been reflected upon and measures taken, and the danger noted
But the path that would have been easier to turn away, that's when we were brave
Whenever it all happens, we shall find a way, were the words once quoted
They made sense then, but never reached an end, no direction they gave

Twisting and turning ways around massive rock walls and long buried halls
Coming through one menacing path which only leads to another
Grasping my hand over my my chest so the beat of my heart slows under footfalls
An occasional breeze slips through the air under this immense cover
Everywhere there are signs of death but instead of frightful, they're subdued
From early evening to late at night our journey's timing is hard to tell
A crisp clear sting of wind and stone keep us all awake, and so we ensue
Coming upon a corner that may serve as a resting point beside a deep well
A darkness flutters in a thicker wave, from where it comes I don't want to know
All the laughter from happy times I've closed within my heart
A creeping sense of something eerie and dull begins to feel colder than the snow
Bordering a terror and fear beyond an emptiness of the dark
It was never a desire for this conquest to turn into a final invasion
Of the ending steps where we will undoubtedly go, it's bound to meet us harsh
I see the warning signs of every breath of stagnant air, in hesitation
It serves well to keep wary in this expanse where drums beat in a distant march
There is no time to slack and then again time here is all consuming
Any dawn we've seen with tired eyes begins to go in deeper and slip away
The time of day has gone far above but here it's unknown and never moving
A year may have gone but it couldn't be counted as each single hour can sway

Under this range and far from the towering doors we walk in the unknown
If any primitive will awakes this would be the place to lose a sense of choice
But journey's end lies somewhere beyond the echo of footfall, not yet shown
Being always aware to think quietly within a small gathering of one voice

Although we've gone steadily into the feared depths, really we have plunged
Down further until any sense of height appears as an abyss below our feet
Minding each step as the legends spoke of byways that gave way and lunged
In moments of pause and rest, still from the deep there were drums' beat

Of the winding upward stair and harrowing descent are chambers of the dead
So long forgotten beneath the dust that settled evenly in the marks of any name
If I only pass by these deeply buried chambers of a kingdom unspoken, unsaid
Forever would I still feel each point of bewilderment in my heart the same

Now we continue on from a quest that begins to grow beyond our grasp
We must keep going and abandon any desire to stop or hope for its end
So tread alongside me, my friend, for so long has the darkness gathered to last
I once thought adventures, too, were marvels and now look what we comprehend
Secret tunnel below and emptiness overhead, behind the small trail of footsteps
In such a place where no mirage can be seen, the false ring of running water
Carry onward and hurry along, we fare under hanging twine and root's depths
While the moisture in the air hardly offers comfort, we head yet farther
With unnumbered turns we've gone it's natural to believe it's nearly over
Closer we walk side by side, following with great care the light-bearing guide
And at some points the way is treacherous, forcing us to move much slower
Yes, it's difficult to know what pace to keep and continue any adjusted stride
In low whispers words of encouragement bring the burden off our minds
In low tones underneath the flows of tunnel breeze, we will rest up ahead
From this place it doesn't appear so menacing only for the decaying synclines
For only a little while I can sleep and dream away the looming dread
Holding onto all the memories of sunlit, wooded strolls in some long past Spring
In some eerie belief that they could never again be reached or again taken
The gloom stays unrelenting, seeming to build and the despairing it has to bring
Has never felt so strong or so forced and leaves me feeling shaken

In the thickness of all night one wonders endlessly, thinking why
Hundreds and thousands of steps already under us all who are so weary
Engulfing us in such a choking shadow, the obscurity will only sigh
Haltingly moving in the dark as if shadows cursed us to never see clearly
Of winding paths and impossible passages through underground ways
All the time was there a strange haunt keeping a grip of this quest
And of crumbling roads that seem far and so much more a maze
It's this path alone we've gone that hosts us as an unwelcome guest
Inside slopes have run down inclines in varying degrees and still sink
All the blackness of the deep has brought only a numbing of feeling sought
The totality of shadow struck at first but aura had faded and mind not to think
Keeping a steady pace for the slightest idea there echoes your thought

Dark ways that leave no sensation beyond that of a grim desolation
Wondering ever where this place has lead us to and where we'll end up next
With accounts and recollections from our guide there's vague memorization
The scope of a realm that we knew was riddled and now growing more perplexed

The going is starting to seem opposing and the way begins to climb
Time to adjust the direction and set forth in a quicker pace abound
The sooner we reach the other side where the other doors must hide
The better our chance to finish a trek that doomed the very ground
Drawing closer to the conclusion gives a distinct urge to be hurried
While the depths have been left far behind, we stand within murky grasp
Passes and archways open before stone halls appearing swept through flurried
And bridges go across deep chasms where upward tunnel winds blast

Maybe the sunlight is only one hour away and we'll find the doors
The ever-growing sense of caution fill these ruins and chambers bare
Strangely that there are marks scattered in the dust upon the rock floors
A scent from ashes and fire drifts along in the motion of the air

Another short flight across a vast spread made up of flattened stone
In barely a moment to catch a breath and prepare for one more run
Suddenly heeding faintly detectable sounds, knowing we're not alone
Looking back, side, behind, keep a watchful eye for whatever may come

It's been such a while that we've spent through this ghastly expanse
Yet this legendary kingdom had been deathly quiet, a nature of hidden maze
Many times at many points have I been overwhelmed, my fears enhance
For the unknown threat and the encompassing shadow where I'd rigidly gaze

Ancient relics and the remains of lifetimes that once were
Somber reminders how ages have passed and another comes
Making the memory of their delight the more obscure
In a constant rhythm from the deep, there were drums
©Iggy 1998
Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's 'A Journey In The Dark' from The Lord of the Rings

Friday, June 25, 2021

Once In Your Life

Because you're standing far away from a silver sea,
And that even from a glimpse I see your sorrow.
Don't be hurt or hide for fear, oh don't flee.
Please come back, return, there's tomorrow.
For once in your life.
There's a cloud of sails in my boat where wind will ride.
And I will take you into this ocean of realms, of life.
And show you these mysteries that engulf your dreams.
Where illusions are drawn back, and falsehoods drown in beams.
For my hope of your life.

We run but we fly, then lie in wavy meadows of gold.
Like a waterfall, a story relived and again happily told.
You once stood on shore walking from the waves, a shining jewel.
But at times I turn and clutch my fingers, forlorn, but not anew.
Under this blue sky in your life.
Have courage and I'll ask the deep fires of souls past; why?
It can be sadly lamented my own sorrow, my wishful sigh.
The haze rarely lifts from the profound thought, but measures only a guess.
How unclear it feels when I call with a mere voice of love to confess?
In a melody of your life.
Dreading the lengthy darkness, you would never before fear.
Stay close to the tone of my pulse while we are here.
Journey on, remember we go oft upon sunken pathways of ground.
All forests, all stones, all slopes akin to roots far within, far down.
They shimmer in shades and fires in your life.
Awaken your deepest fond memory and more will follow.
And soft moonlight we're silent yet content, dead trees remain hollow.
Take heart in this hopeless search in these depths of night we share.
There's always a candle, a lamp and star, let yourself dare.
In unknown ventures in your life.
I'm often longing to show you those old forgotten mountains.
These woods of lonely brown and fading green amid clear fountains.
If a strange comfort lingers inside, I'm the guide, the host outside the hours.
Nothing moves in shadow for untrod hills behind sinister towers.
You're the strong one as my wish for your life.
So come, let the stranger world be found, or a history all our own.
Walk from sorrow's limit, repeat no part in it, can it become unknown?
On moon's glow I'd call out with a voice of delight, now so quiet, like dew.
Once again I walk through darker windows unafraid for your heart
isn't ice-touched blue.
For once in your life, for you.
There it is, the time when night and day are suspended for awhile.
Then dusk begins to deepen, such it is, the wonderful and the wild.
In silence I ponder the common and the odd, now not bleak anymore.
Greying shades of the sky recall no day from before.
It comes to your life.
And this foresight, this hope cannot be in vain.
You the watery starlight only seeing night's rain.
In a thousand hallways or one quite small,
I, by nature, tread quietly but how do I call?
So you can hear an echo of your life.

And when I walk past bridges of mist and stand on the edge of your light,
I disregard the darkness behind surfacing its unknown plight.
An uttered word abounds like trumpets through the wind.
Trembling are the flickering embers round a flame so thin.
This is the peace I know of your life.

I'll bring you a long silken string of time that you can grasp.
I can see every melancholy moment soften happily as they pass.
As I watch the life return to old faded relics by this cleansing air,
Oceans may stir and land may turn but eternity dwells there.
Come to my warm visions of your life.
Where silence lingers in many lost corners, I will say,
Only in such places can one hear a noble flute, and harp play.
Underneath the resting vines the sounds spring up with melic leaves.
Here not many stand, but lay there and rest in its fluttering breeze.
For comfort in your life.
Somewhere is a song, a tale only for you to open and see.
The rolling giants of the air with winds that fret as fast as we.
Sometimes the song finds you, as you wait for its quiet phrases to sing.
I place the shells in sands graciously beside the tide you bring.
For another beacon of white beam lines in your life.
I hold ice in my hand to slip through my fingers as water for the wounds.
They're just my unspoken questions too late for asking and history so soon.
I can feel how it chills from eons ago, on the heart so sore.
Distant thunder from above, up from shaken grounds to roar.
Let it show 'tween moon and sun and its shine is freely yours and mine.
And blue overflowing, steadily growing waves of your love there are your tears.
But gladness aglow, conquer gloom and let me place cobwebs inside your fears.
Warm your eyes on the sun's beaming embrace and of its name that music will know.
Let me give you a candle's light made of earthen fires for any deep snow.
So you can live in your life.

And because you stand uncertain, so unsure of such islands and seas,
I can awake your dreams, give them shape, that your heart believes.
A glow, a spark, a stream of sun and moon whenever dimming befalls your eyes.
A promise to a soul who knows that love and life truly never dies.
For once in your life, for you.

For once in your life,
The eternal sun will rise,
For you.

©Iggy 1988
Inspired by Gounod

Monday, May 24, 2021

Somewhere Out Of Time

Counted moon's pace settled in heaven's grounds of a solid expanded stone.
And the leaves rustled past, then, they were lost in the darkness taking the light.
Are they faded? Are they forgotten? And still buried is an archaic bone.
Never too familiar, never to pass memory's eye, while folded in every shred of night.
Somewhere out of what's shown.
Cold magnet wrapped in fire, gold, grain and vapor of the world in flight.
Astounding tales that came to live and destined to never die, way of star does flow.
How solid now does your feet stand on a place and in a time, in a glimpse of sight?
Remember roaming beasts walked alongside mankind, we can become, we shall foreknow.
Somewhere out of  what's blind.
And mountain rose to climb and small crater upon which your feet fell.
The skies opened overhead, and in shells was found spores, they fled back to their doors.
Befriend those who give nourishment to the soul and the flames that within dwell.
Some clutch relics of their lost kingdom of shadow, their fate leading roundabout course.
Somewhere out of the shell.

The path to the journey, a scale of a two mass and center force, the same key you seek.
Top point and bottomside underfoot, over rainbow's arch subdued and cast.
That time counts not in deep ways, it goes underneath every path, its grasp is weak.
Bring its claw, tooth, and horn from your bones and set foot from the past.
Somewhere out of the bleak.

Giants in gold armor, figures faint and gray to broad darkness descending.
In hazy horizon, seeing Orion, guided by stars take your oar, and use your bow.
Listen with care, the tones have faded into the silent roots, yet no word of ending.
Turn of moon, of midnight and shade, time collects dust in dead hours slow.
Somewhere out doom impending.
Who are they who demand all to show, and all to know, with no word of fate?
Running circles they repeat but in their hearts they've closed their eyes.
While there's something beyond the night and something hidden behind the day.
The same echo of long ago, faded yet sounded new, despite shell's disguise.
Somewhere, not an early hour, not a late.

And they who hide among the night sky cast strange longings in my eyes.
I've been on the rounded slope of sky before, somehow I know.
Echoes ring out after the pouring of the sea, and song began in layers of skies.
Long missed relics of earth beneath settled dust I bring again to bestow.
Somewhere out of  need for the wise.

I have gazed into the shell before and gazed along its outer floor.
In what is older than chapters which claim they are now passed away.
The span of time's place and presence have turned and counted more.
And I fled back to whisper a rhyme of what it may have had to say.
Somewhere out on the spanning shore.

Make your feet follow your will, begin burning and take mass-shadow down.
Stand before the expansion, beyond its ends, follow impossible bends.
Behold yourself a victor upon a peak that has never touched the ground.
Somewhere even with a whisper, even with the tide, the signals sky sends,
Somewhere out on waves of sound.
When reaching out to time's range, await! Await! Seek the dreaded heights of heaven,
When you have found your heart and found in it no wrong.
And compassion in the ways that warm the frosts of despair, you find it then.
Awake! Aware! For the simple love to keep learning the way of song.
Somewhere out of time so long.
Anywhere out of time, out of day or night, never to mask memory's eye.
We see faraway and long ago we saw what is now, here we see things distantly.
Then when we are distant we peer back, we give pause, a look behind.
Over countless landscapes, to here, and all this while to escape persistently.
Somewhere out of time.
Speak truth, deny death, see through its design.
Guide your feet well, run upon crumbling grounds.
Climb onto steeper walls of mountain stone and find,
The place time is conquered, reaching far above the clouds.
Somewhere out of time.
©Iggy 1988

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Ages Ago

Dear one, my love, thou sunshine, I know I stare at you, forgive my wonder
Sweet laughter and thy love, thou art mine
You may have seen many years, but you are the younger
How I wish I could speak when only I can sigh
How have I come to deserve your smiles, the love-look in your eye?

Music summons us to dance, your lordship, so graceful and strong
Enchanting are thy ways, I was once frail, remained a messenger of song
As you are now, I, with my thin hands trust them in yours somehow
You are my love, and thy love
Shall make all that is least more than enough

In a pond of luck, luckiest still as deep wells of  song
In a sea of gold, dreamed upon summer's breath
The willows of kingdom afar, rhymes or lament from a poem of long
You've been the knight fair and true, and all sorrows I've left
The treacherous dungeons dark, against you, cannot even hold death

And for whatever riches there were in world before or could ever be
Thy heart swells beyond any treasures, boundless and so free
O'er a meadow, one thousand leagues, and a million streams
You bring heaven's sweeping touch
The starlight on high has been next to me so much

And how could I count all the hours or ages with you long ago?
When verily forever is the timeless span I would stay
Why am I, to thee, a vision so fair, a winter without cold?
I shall tread with only love into thy path, thy way
A wondrous cloud of light and marble strength, I pray

Gentle voice, I hearken to over any distance, and greetings warm
Thy lordship plays the land in a soft whisper at the call of storm
Thus to love that to be, thy love for a fragile bird such as me
A stronghold of steadfast bliss
Thy ways have leapt past all times that have gone amiss

The cause of your love has loosed the the soaring spirit and set me free
Ages ago, I was but a shell from unknown depths of the sea
Thy love is all to me, the ages know not, there is no whenever
Ages now on, I hold fast to thee and thus dwells oneness forever

©Iggy 1989

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Poetic Mysteries

Far and distant
Deep and withdrawn
I know I mustn't be so
But I can bring a dream
Or a realm of magic
To the surface of my soul
Still deep and unseen
I give a few words in only a rhyme
A spirit is keen
A moment only time
But the stories unfold
Fulfilling words flowing
Following courses untold
Stillness at realms glowing
I'll make the moon turn
Build an island in oceans of dreams
Bring fire and make the sun burn
Through simple phrases of light beams
Coming a bit closer
Deep and willing to share
Where my soul flies
I can bring a sigh
Having melody underneath
And innocently wise
Faraway but not unknown
I know a million histories
And so near, so close
They come, these poetic mysteries
©Iggy 1990

Sunday, March 21, 2021

What I Want

What I a wind, to carry a rippling of blossom fair to you
Where you take in for a moment the flowing of creation
What I want is a seagull that sounds its cry and fly with you
And you would feel the sea with only wonder and fascination

I want a flame to burn beside your heart
You'd find that there could never be a touch of cold
In the sunbeams that peek through clouds you'll see
Beyond their tales, you would hear what they have told

I want the deepest ocean to send you its secrets
So then you can know how deeply I care
The longest of path and river and wind-stream
Carry you on safe travels everywhere

I want whatever wings hover in skies, splash them with color
So that in some way you may find your dreams once more
I want to know of the hummingbird that may sing its song
And songs of sunshine that you once knew before

Though it seems I'm wanting, truly my heart gives
Travel safe, traveler, yet I feel it's not enough
What things I want in wishing on such for you
It was you who'd given me all from your love

I want the mountains to find every strength you need
The helplessness of stray crumbling rock oft made old eyes teary
And a million stars must give way in stellar grace
In energies from which you wouldn't feel weary

Of all things endless I'd give you, all the words I speak
What I want, the most and above all
Is that you would live in a smile, and find the ways you seek
Past remnants of haze and upon dreams I call

Is this not life, what I want is yours evermore
Placed within longing, and unto every shore
What I want is a wind to carry high frequencies forth
What is it that could be asked in the forevermore?

©Iggy 1988 March 6
Inspired by Yoda's Theme

Friday, March 19, 2021

The Gray One

There once was a gray man, a gray coat he had.
A gray hat and a gray head, and in gray he was clad.
And he had nothing to hold, nothing to do.
Having nothing of pan, nothing of house but a pass through.
To sleep away from the cold, he could yet find a way.
He took gray pieces of cloth and placed care in their fray.

And one night he stirred and heard a bell ring.
Though it was faint, barely clear in the soft night appearing.
It rang with a magical sound, like a glimpse of faraway.
And the bell ceased not, as it sang its strange note to play.

As the bell rang in its lucid echoes, there came a man,
And he said to the gray man; Take this gray tree,
It grows easily the softest gray leaves.
And the gray man thanked him and he was glad.

The next twilight, the bell ringing in the distance.
A gray visitor brought the gray man a steed, without resistance.
And in those gray nights, the gray man obtained many things.
And in each night that bell rang, he thanked the bell that rings.

The gray velvet of the steed, the gray growing leaf,
From his new window, a thankfulness swelled inside.
In the air, from his gray chair, he gave thanks to his life.
And in the gray night, he surrendered love to his belief.

During the gray day, and into the evening he heard the bell.
Yet this time it was more beautiful than he could tell.
It carried a magic like trumpets, harps, and singing.
And the gray man stood still and heard more than the ringing.

And then the Lord came to him and said; Take my hand.
The smallest spark of light began from the grain of sand.
The gray leaves slowly showed a vibrant glistening green.
The edges of dwelling seemed lifted from shadow, finally seen.

A small ember glowed with yellow in shades of fire's hue.
And gold and amber brightened upon a sudden reveal of sky's blue.
The steed became a velvet brown and soft white, with eyes deep.
And the meadows sprawled out in all directions with dewy pink.

And in the night that fell, the indigo of its tone was beheld.
The walls of shade, that was once in the gray,
Fell away in the eyes of the man who would pray.
A release of something he had yet to know why he so dwelled.

And the man had a red coat, and a bright silver crown.
And he had emerald eyes and radiant rose in his face and brow.
Rainbows ran deep and ran in heights almost to white.
Reaching through space dark and into the light.
The music that he heard rang now far into the night,
Voids swept away, God loves so, and all things faded,
...He made bright.

©Iggy 1988

Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Tale Of Terrae

A cloud so fragile, so delicate that it only lingered above humid ground.
Then from the ground came an echo of distant energy.
Moon's disregarding face turned again, and it turned all around.
Deep furnaces came about to recall planet's sensory.
Somewhere from deep within a deathly fate,
A message was preserved, that of photosphere complete and full.
An echo while in darkness, never to fade.
The element of all life that had been, that may be, sprang anew.

Light came to be alive again, sun's brilliant emergence and properly tuning.
To arise from the long dead dust, as then dust cleared.
They ask now from the blue, had they been asleep, musing?
It's a bow shock that sprung out this way, as if mirrored.
And with all cosmic episode to give, did Venus relive, and re-awake.
Upon four sides the same returned, fires burned, the smile in nebula's lake.
For the sun shifted its mass to align, a promised sign, and matter did shake.

Even in the lowest vantage point, up in the sky the stars still shine.
The twine and undergrowth crowns the utmost pole in bloom.
If ever there was question of duration the crystal records that time.
While one rotation seems a two-hundred twenty-four count resume.
In the silent night air, which had appeared as a bright cloud ambient,
A voice is soft with delight as the shadow softened to a deeply blue.
In the silent warmth of her sphere, Venus hosted life predominant.
And there the beauty that was remembered, was remembered as it was new.

So there an echo subsides in the mists of Venus, the airy lift and droplet dew.
And the patterns of the universe, the arches of celestial force, have remained true.
Raging electric storms and winds began speeding over what was destroyed,
An ancient world of sea and stone had laid in shrouds of haze.
But out upon nova's trail the code of stars and light filled this void.
Its time would become timelessness in its passing of days.
The luminous stellar disk-waves embrace the solar flame,
The polar axis in perfect upward line and turning in a halo of blue.
Life upon four sides returned again, anew is the nucleus now tame.
The resurrection sparked like the storm beginning the galactic cue.
They may ask how this is possible, for the evident rebirth.
In the reckoning of light years in vast outer arms there was eternity.
And it has magnified itself to include all contents formed upon Earth.
The endlessness of space has used within itself every possible certainty.
The whole of element line, and mass sublime never to decline.
The formation of planet and moon, in tune, ever entwine.
There lives once again, to begin, the same which in death did die.
At the highest mountain peaks it can be seen, the clear water sea.
Each green river of moss of mountain base lead to shallows and grotto.
The ice at the bottom of the world since melted, revealed crystal and tree.
The crystal core illuminated frictionless passageways in a harbor aglow.
Soft grounds and sand host waters that still flow in tides.
Light of electric magnetic in two angles than it was before, and clear it shows.
A light that now bends not and rides out on horizons on all sides.
While the surface of Earth settled to features of ocean and tidal flows.
So now the tale continues from Earth's globe of watery blue.
And the patterns of the universe spoke in ways that would only be true.
Far off at another step away in solar dance the faraway world of two moons peer.
They sent greetings to the world of green, then the one of blue and tree.
Looking upon all the solar events in a new light and understanding, with no fear,
From a world that never realized it was the last of the three.
Inner cores of galaxy secret of worlds locked within photon's mass,
Connected complex molecular strands, and engulfed the dim reaches once freezing.
Bellowing in flame that planets form, orbit in life, then die drawing in phosphine gas.
And while without formations of stellar time, they're intricately weaving.
For what has happened could never be held back in space.
Galactic movement with force will wake, restfully in spans of black.
The far off halo of nearest star leaving a distinct celestial trace.
And though a strange quiet and dark fell, life did hide, but it came back.
Return to that which was love before, telling of lore, and now can never leave.
Energy has been pulsar's growing beat and there a retreat, worlds to retrieve.
The contents of nebula cloud and spiral arms, in a trio of dawns, seem to breathe.

The journey had taken all parts of knowing every angled force.
Isotope arches again from centers of galaxy aligned perfectly, magnetic storms flow.
Commanding the race far beyond cosmic rays that nebula held in its course.
The journey encircles and expands toward all it may know.

Echoes call out from deeply hidden and small dark suns, in eerie sonic waves.
But the nearest stars to these worlds are now glistening in their tides.
Shedding the last drifts of obscure delta wave leaving behind empty graves.
From Mars again a voice calls out to greet life upon all twelve sides.
The still, quiet airs that hang over the Martian landscape are fair.
Indeed the planet has been given a multitude of color and wonder.
And here there are also waters of deep, murky blue, and deep dark lair.
A cloud so fragile, so delicate that it will linger within humid slumber.
Out there, toward the sun that warms, that storms, with equal dispersing.
The magnitudes of solar flare, solar glare, have brought moon's emerging.
Of all the time counted for Mars, healing scars, sun's timing more encouraging.
So here the song of cosmic love and radiance keeps Mars brilliance anew.
The patterns and designs of all the universe, have woven all that is true.
©Iggy 2000
Inspired by La Paloma Revient

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lunar Reflections

Lunar phrase, how do I word it or speak of thee?
Swinging, waltzing like a pendulum above restless seas
I was cast away, I was alone and yet won't stay
We've shared a hellish realm, walked with deathly feet
If only for the night that was so blended with the day

Lunar face, I have looked upon thee
Feeling, sensing my desires being drained from me
I cared not, I wished not and yet I lived through
I came back to reckoning and harbored watery depths
Because my soul was deep and mingled with you

If I'm cast away, or the tale I write decays
It will not matter up against such a luminous haze
I will not be counted, never alive in crater or dune
As if a ghost in white as pale as hollow beams
For it would be the wish and ever the way of Lune

Your crater dust, your deathly stare has robbed me
Of everything I hold dear, a life elsewhere being
An ocean's ebb my witness of what was once; the sea
And dust flowing like strands into a Solar plume
And cloaking the uncontained air of night's deity

I'm lost upon a dead surface, where the vacuum is time
And it turns so quickly and aging so rapidly, years combine
Taking away every breath until intertwined with the moon
Numbing every pulse until it no longer recalls gravity
An empty, painless death, the lunar host beckons all too soon

©Iggy 2003

Monday, February 8, 2016

Alien Darkness

Red glowing curtains of dust and fragments of hollow moons sway.
If I knew the name of this course, if I knew the name of this pathway,
In this orbital plain, I'd sense the possible return voyage.
And I'd name it the once traveled unknown,
I'd name it the way into alien darkness alone.
Mirages of matter seem broken off from another age.

Now approaching the sole moon in the extreme outer arm of brown dwarves.
The stunning numbing vastness haunt this space like ominous lords.
This place where no place is but thick solitude in dense empty black.
Canyons of shadow hide giants of argon, then fall.
I observe and count in stellar seconds, legends recall,
This oppressing stillness that mocks back.

A sun collapsed long ago, still the soothing blankets of unfolding mass,
Creep by the sides of the slowest moving elements as they pass.
How could it ever end, this bleak course, this field of cluster's cloud?
Single layers of light emit out of dense star,
And they cast eerily upon carved planets afar.
The lone moon as the dead host on this round.

I've seen the flicker of stars shine while awake.
In this long pathway, I continue and yet break.
A dream I hold that if I view out beyond,
I could see the markers out from surrounding arms,
That close in from billion mile ultraviolet palms.
Oh why has no time passed through in so long?

Inverted now the wavelength slinks away strangely.
Can I see the expanse where it has gone? Maybe vaguely.
The angle isn't the same and the mantle's scattered.
Awry, amiss and backwards flow, what does it mean?
The sole purpose is merely to navigate unafraid of the unseen.
So through alien darkness wherefore discovery mattered.

And though the smallest square distance came to one.
And its full range calculated into safe override and run,
Something keeps pulling the magnetic sides away.
I fear this was one way, cautious maneuvers where no danger exists.
Cautious strands of time ticked out from ship's micro disk.
The very isolation has covered all but the dismay.

The dullest of traces of xenon and dust,
Fall just outside the gravitational metals that rust
I remember soft nights inside earthen chambers deep,
The way fires lit the walls of ancient brick and stone.
And only time seemed the pale force haunting me all alone.
The alien slumber I thought that I'd sleep.

Any change out there sometimes reminded me of shifted core.
That one day in its own time I'd again greet, as before,
The ways of endless void and voyage too long.
I view out beyond, small light echoes with pulsar.
If I could name this pathway I'd name forgetfulness in dead star.
Sadness in cold moon, and alien darkness where no soul could belong.

©Iggy 2001

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Great walls of marble stood mightily and heralded such deeds of renown
The flight of a thousand wings thundering through airs of vibrant cloud
It was bright and the strength of golden light matched the trumpet loud
Far off glory was felt within the very layers of the richly covered ground

Long the walls stood, for ages the sky shone favorably there
Song never ceased, wonder played melody upon the air
Laughing was the clear ringing from hills of majesty and places so fair
Time turned happily from corners where only harmony would dare

Within its shielded place, a shadow found a way, for it was at length
Grim color came upon once blue sky and the blue was gone away
If feather fall struck from heaven's wing, it drifted also without strength
And a rolling tide came upon shores to drown the marble where it lay

Crushed under the weight of darkness, the overhung clouds in disarray
For an ill tide had turned and fate was beyond its former day
Corners echoed mournfully, the hillside seemed to tell of dismay
The structure fell and with it came down the glory of its true way

Now there swayed a quiet field of grass that whispered of loss
Thick clouds of storm ever brew over gray sides of wall and forest moss
A deepening glow of something radiant has only died with the last frost
Over a steep span of time, there have been but moments of pause

In the silent passes of soft nights, under the covert shade of distress
There are few that remember the sunlight, and string fragments of a nest
And within memory still lives the touch of gentle forest's caress
Though in mournful phrase repeated as if the words may mean less

In silence there passes again another dark night and tear may fall
It'll begin to startle the heart's longing into awareness and recall
And there one sits, bent over a scattered remnant, a broken piece of wall
There one sits, solemn and worn, one handful of dust, alone in the hall

But in those eyes there's a sparkle, a comfort from unknown reaching
And so from another handful of dust hope began to wake, slow yet unceasing
The pieces, though small are placed in a pattern then, started meeting
Soon they fell into a place, now the corner of solitude's more pleasing

I know how small it seems, I have barely made out the shape of notion obscure
But from a distant heap of rubble and erratic upheaval the pattern was sure
As one now continues in one's languorous task, but with purpose and contour
Without a thought to an overhanging gloom, emerging now it begins to be pure

Upon just this, the faintest of all in a world darkened by ill fate
Was this a beginning, now to suffer the mangled dream broken by pain
To hold onto hope of the promise of onward path, for sacrifice had made
Here a corner was formed from ashes, from nothingness, from wall decayed

From the sky and from over the clouds there broke through, a beam
So upon the corner a new light shone and it slowly filled outward, it'd seem
The hillside wove a blanket of green, the rains had become warm, to redeem
And in the sky the shades of all umbra of night gave their dream

Through time and roundabout journey, although slow was the treading and wait
A sense of understanding, sadness and forgiveness stirred at every gate
But in that humble aura of nothingness, of standing full of willing trait
All stones crumble off a solid, firm structure that you create

That whatever be in total emptiness, it's the soul that can rest
The heart that can feel the cries from a battered and long torn crest
It was the foresight to know that nothing is lost forever, although a guess
It was determination to carry on when all else seemed to go into death

The elements of sorrow and then the selflessness of heavy heart
The building of a sense of worth in what was regarded as the bleak afar
Under doubtful resolve, uncertain path and some unseen design and part
A structure made whole, and within a soul the memory of loss can mar

To build something from nothing, recalled back from a long gone age
Of something that no one would dare dream in a blissful haze
Structure manifest from inside, notwithstanding the outside place
Find treasure in lost hints of courage, of long enduring blaze

And it happened, it burst forth like the dawn of a new time, on soft cloud
Great walls stand again, somewhere phrases of song can be heard aloud
How the whole structure returned again, twinkling in a flash, in a sound
A wonder was alive again by a deed where the renowned spirit was found

© Iggy 2000

A World Of Magic

Let the last wave of sleep and calm mood escape with a sigh
In a space of wooded retreat and silence, I had been afraid
The wastelands are far off where harsh winds of boreal blow high
Darkness surrounds every corner, I couldn't see if shadows were moving
I'd gone away then returned when I felt the stones were dead cold
And found no disturbance amid the vivid azure, and the night soothing

But here within wooded retreat your spell falls upon hidden circle
If I'd been frozen in a dream within subtle hour and beam, I'd sense it
In silent wait, outside dusty horizon of ochre, your sighs in black and purple
For the passage of time was a long pause, a mute lead to creaking door
I have gone through, giving no thought to the opposite
Of another realm outside the solid walkway or the other side of the shore

In the arms of a storm and half its edges beyond, shades of the deep
I grasp the overgrown vines of aged wall and break the secrets therein
Alluringly drawn on parallel paths, strand and shell my hand to keep
We share the diverse paths, we lingered inside conversations, in long spans
Where not a word was uttered, out there on the borders beyond oblivion
In dreams undead, cunningly knowing how to navigate the massive lands

But here in the soft, dark green of new night, a long course of hours remain
A quiet phrase that echoes seemingly near secret chords, of a distant song
I was astonished that you made vanish the cold, shaded cover of wind and rain
No mere sleight of hand that embraces the fires with a pace of rapid  beat
Smooth as glass, liquid as pool and humidity as the angles show in the light
Silent depths of blackness fulfilled the obscurity of wooded retreat

The world of waters and green is in disguise, it changes then you realize it's another
It's the same one you knew, but not the one you recall knowing, or one you viewed
Sand and rock form walls that have spaces carved in, was anyone there? You wonder
The world of deserts and red is an illusion, as you see it, for it's really part of a way
There are these sub-existences to them all, there are characteristics so strange
So beguiling but you knew none of it was real, but yet it was, just no words to say

We're in this world, part of its being, of song lifting on ambiguous plains and seas
Casting spells and chants learned back when messages were only what winds could carry
Deep are the wells of wondering, that clearing ways past tombs of old is done with ease
We'll hide in mists not for fear but for time, if we cannot find connecting doors
Streams of flame just outside moon's reach, causing it to turn retrograde
Our delight of unknown pathway, and drained against magnetic cores

You guard a paragon kingdom for hidden treasures in your ultimate disguise
Where in such circles do we follow? Yonder unseen for the obscure and wise
I stand in the gray and bleak, the dark, but see with the sharpest eyes
We always meet outside the known hours, there are never words told
Echoes in emptiness, clinking underwater heard, a depth of canyon unknown
Visiting old shores of faded driftwood and seaweed scattered on abandoned road

So now as I find the ancient wall and bring out secrets, I wait
The night falls, and torches line the halls within, a humid air dominates
I'm somewhere now, but I don't remember somewhere somehow, it's late
Within the scope of a conic sphere in the pyramidic cover over some close world
A muted force is the surrounding factor and you cannot hear but the forest song
For the hours must be days, at length, where creatures haven't burrowed

It will be here in this world of magic, we can speak between night and day
Coming upon some ancient castle when a storm hits and the figure of the tale walks in
A sage-like man who shows all the roadways with tricks of light and shadows, in the gray
He's a king who hides as an Earthbound being, a companion traveler, a skilled navigator
Setting up perimeters to map the world's different plains, that are unstung by the sun
A very willing host, a guide to ethereal doorways and stairs, a star crossing aviator

I call out and the sound bounces off stone in valleys that lay as one of the dead
The sound dissolves into nothing as if nothing had passed from my lips
Proving that not all matter is solid, can be bent, and slips through iron and lead
What words have made the uprooted rocks settle, with no signs of age in them?
Ranges built of stone and within built of  moss resting on an orb of ruins
Paths formerly in dreams taken, derelict gates once again begin to waken

By the firesides, by pool and willow, alone and silence once again
Me as one, you as two, we as an arch three would speak the same
But different footsteps and uncounted footfall, the moon will grin
Secret wells brought up for pondering, springs and vales; your crown
For the moon may know and mark turning points if only to vaguely guide
A world of magic on these many levels, and the subdued dream easily drown

In a place where questions are the only answer to indifferent reasons
Under the roofs of fire and marble, a row of airy vessel and magnetic pull
Under strange trees from desert sand somehow, marked by a singular credence
Strange sunlight had shone, now I stand certain as a mere scribe of tale
I will conquer ruins of the dullest forgotten with my own wonderwork
And it will be within reason I take every fold of gloom into caprice pale

Here and now may wither, so let the last sigh of ease escape as I breathe barely
Sensing on each end of vibrant line a quiver of chord struck in the somber night
Where distance and darkness renders a millionfold whispers scarcely
Traveling far and turning around, I look on as if I awoke, with no visible track
The weaved vines from forest floors in their clever design have roamed into light
And a glittery sweeping across the rocky walls, only the emptiness stared back

Thus magic the given illusion, a silver lining, an unspoken forbidden escape
I let myself free outside the bonds of maze and floor, hidden in muted cape
With little power, calm returns and I sleep upon webs of darkness unheeded
Magic is mute but a force terrible and strong, in subtle gist, magic just is
Ebbing echoes of waters, we detect their depth, and the forest has been greeted
The absence of its portals forestall knowing that mythical beings exist

But our communication ever present through, to and fro, forest, land and sea
I let my eyes grow dim, the last sigh of sustained breath escape from me
Your slow tune creeping along moon's funny dread, you see changes in the umbra
You willingly show me all such falsehoods and sing for me; the night
The drawn out hour of weary foretelling, where you're needed, rest in pluma
It's this world of far off impossibilities and vivid azure, that is filled with our light

©Iggy 2000

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Lunar Creatures

Lonely and barren is what's thought of a place where darker sides of the full moon
reveal what's carved upon the blank face you see.
A mirage of images and scenes merged together, to disturb all the bogs and shores
with a sound that drew closer with the buzzing of a bee.

Courses of water and light have been guided for long eons and
never went over moon's pulling of tidal formations in the dim.
But for far away was there another course of events, the shattering
of the harmony, being bent, distorted, and all at a whim.

Clock ticking and clock unwinding fast, if creatures of the earth do tell
And other lively elements last, there is still no reason to harm the shell

Raging winds descend and dissolve, night echoes its chirping of song and lore
The calm and stillness betrays some forthcoming storm to heed.
Forced to flow, let loose with the span of a night, a moonless night and no more,
until forced currents pulse underneath sway, surpassing lunar speed.

So now, the lonely and barren place, for which has become of meadow
streams like a memory on the sound of an insect's wings.
These lunar creatures were at once a powerful force of nature
befallen under darker times of mankind's things.

Clock ticking and clock unwinding still, the moments of moonsong gone
Other elements sure to be dug up from the hill, echoes of a past eon

Sun and water have come with a season of spring and shone still and treasured
A voice spoke for the emerging sunken roots of leaf and vine.
Moonlit tidal formations stir aloud with might, with such a reckoning unmeasured
These lunar creatures thrive upon each earth-measured line.

Now from the lonely place where there stands no tower, the sky dims
and the winds build up and somewhere far off they rumble.
The smallest of seed and vine reach upward toward the walls in the sky
and tidal flows have witnessed something of a tower tumble.

Rounded circle of time, climbing to full white in each timely design
Sparkling and dazzling the foundations vast, and lively elements last

Like a tunnel of the air, have all the tainted dusts been cleared,
and deep inside earthen crust have rivers been restored.
Lunar tracks have been counted like giant geomorphic lines,
ultimately in a secret gaze have they been explored.

Solar drifts of wave sets and rises in spite of massive collider tumult.
For all the forces of wind and sea, lunar creatures hold.
Like a liquid mirror toward the sky, in the rain reflecting every drop,
nothing was ever in question of the power that nature has told.

Rounded circle of time, climbing with the sound of lunar wings
All is quiet upon their feast they sigh, above the buried of mankind's things

©Iggy 1998

Mystic Tidings

A single ribbon of light shot out towards me and I watched.
As it drew closer like a sparkling wave, I waited to reach out my hand.
Suddenly the whole matter of its being dissolved, disappeared and was lost.
I wondered at that charm and how its aura wrapped around a single strand.
And then somewhere I knew, it was another mystic tiding made of dew.

Out upon the fields lay a yellow blanket of budding petals bright.
I saw that I stood upon this ground and I took in a breath of air.
I felt that maybe I should run and abound in such a delight.
Far away I heard bouncing echoes, resonating near an empty grey hall bare.
It was not where I had gone, but the mystic tidings I heard all along.

In the dark shadowy trees I walked, but all was sharp and clear.
A single light that was clean and bluish-white had shown near.
Someone was calling out to me and I thought of asking the name.
For although I never saw a face, I felt no death, a breath of fog came.
A figure in a realm, cautious to continue, following a way through.

Rigid roots of twisted wood seemed so long dead and faded.
It was jarring to witness lightning out of thin air upon the bark.
I stood back and watched silently, it was burned away under skies shaded.
Some sense of daring gave me an inner fire, to burn away the dark.
Then out of murky blue, mystic tidings sprang from shallows anew.

A buried stairway climbed silently under deep, deep grounds.
For a while I stared at the carvings in stone and heard no sounds.
Thinking that I should begin to find the other end of these.
In seeing with one look far ahead I saw that the stairs never cease.
Awkward and exhausting, I thought, but why were these stairs wrought?

Tunnels went in rounded turns all about the jungle-like lands.
Each one only a short corridor and then a corner and then another hall.
And while each tunnel opened on parts of the dense foliage of odd plants.
Somehow within the darkness different echoes other than the wild would fall.
Yet everything seems languid and warm, mystic tidings forecast a storm.

Opened like a gaping hole of cold desert dust, a crater was there.
On every horizon was nothing but the presence of empty space and stars.
Every effort of moving was as hard as it was to breath even a trace of air.
Very thin and scarcely formed, a mystic tiding forewarned.
But all the while I had no fear, as if I held all the cards.

I remember roads that had been dug deep into the soil of earth.
Those muggy trails were like climbing uphill in the sand.
Yet they lead to nowhere one could see, no test to limit one's nerve.
Those paths were more like a hidden passageway that could expand.
Under a single footfall of lead, the mystic tidings were read.

Through a massive house of elaborate carvings of wood and walls.
There ran a deep, murky river and it wound itself through all the doors.
And while I thought it was an ill fate befallen such richly halls,
I saw that the house was empty and suddenly felt foreboding under the floors.
Growing dimmer like a swamp by each chime, mystic tidings of proper time.

Within a gaping hole of a freezing crater I stood once again to see.
Dazzled by the luminous sky, I shook off the cold and began.
Out from nowhere a small wave of light rolled as easily as tumbleweed.
Not with any question did I leap from the thickness of dust and ran.
I will try to recall, so the mystic tidings cannot dissolve at all.
I can pinpoint a place or maybe a word I spoke, and with that, I awoke.

©Iggy 1998