Tuesday, August 9, 2022

I Am A Storyteller

Once there was a time, once upon a time, as it is told
We lived on myths, tread over buried ages all the days of old
In the firelight, the direction of the moon may not tell the time
Eager listener, a long hour is but a phrase of mine

Close your eyes and drift along as light grows dimmer now
Smaller bulbs of willow's nocturnal cover burn, in its arched bow
Where could I be? Looking over the distant open of a deep shade
The moon hangs, yet on closer look is another narrow way I face

It was well hidden by bricks of earthen color and cold
A small moon hangs in a characteristic midnight of what I've told
Quiet fantasy, unsung mystic, may have seemed empty where I stood
There suddenly light filled as fire, in a familiar crackling of wood

The mystic lord and magic knight kept a corridor closed
That would lead to a treasure room filled with gold and prose
But the treasure of gold was in the eye, the other in one's mind
A hallway glazed and tempered by furnace, but no words to find
I'll weave the journey in what I tell you now, a way back through halls
Open chambers full of time, following a written message on tunnel walls
But it is a story, a journal, a scroll of past events kept long by the sages
And murky shadows have harbored over these seamless ages

The scribes had written on high, now given to the buried deep
When fall fades the warm underground shades amble along asleep
In no direction they keep, in no awareness of time, wandering slow
Outside castle and downhill the countryside of long ago

But a legend speaks, and a touch stirs the air, many a tune is there
Carried on by trees fair and waves made by clearings of nowhere
Above paths of earthen way, you'll hear the chords, echoes seem faint
One chord low, one flows, and a third that crescendos with no restraint
Far up past clouds I sang with you, soft in the night's coldly lit moon
Heed that night's hidden grounds stay ever beyond the name of Lune
And the story speaks of solid bridges, rigid and old, collapsed and gone
They are present in shattered disarray, here is part of the tale I have drawn

What had happened that brings such an outcome to slow footsteps to a grind?
Attentive listener, 'twas the grottoes underway with no path any could find
It seems all is dead, passed on, and well outside that realm's frame
Disconnected distances unseen, they were outside the dark, aflame
Remember the ages deep beneath, the grip of war fleeting and tenuous
Ages erase and beyond the solid, the battle is sensed far more strenuous
The tale I bring now is of past glory won and peace that prophets tell
All your slightest hopes that fell, I've held them in such a deep well
Forgotten places and a memory of something I never heard played
Dimensions high or low, but it's always there, the memory had stayed
We all share the same realm, we reach back away, I speak and I regale
Of my path that I journeyed forth, and where my part is in the tale

If there was no doubt, and nothing dwindled to naught
The door of the unknown may drone on with no thought
But the iron holding fast, a sinister feeling keeps it all locked
An ancient willpower that dove into fire, where angels walked

Eternity vague, certainty pale, deep down once great realms sleep
Up from the depths, harbors their defeat, it's still a familiar keep
It takes form in a faraway edge that never connects, it may seem
Down from the darkness, a world upside, have you seen this dream?

If there is a demand to surrender secrets, the edge misleads our trust
Here and there I've slowed my steps to do whatever it is I must
The mystic and the magic knight have guarded a realm and its name
Their gaze sharp and crystal clear, whatever the ages may claim
Under the light of day hides the air of the past never gone
But the light finds a way through, reading the walls out yon
None can say it's too different now, the faded ages claim somehow
Abundant moments of centuries cleared, stones of gray lay now

From rooted willows and rolling shadows the corridor stands bare
Speaking that I'd come back, find this again, but time subdued the dare
The corridor still silent, in the murkiness of thought, well hidden
Absorbing darkness, a dull harbinger to echo something forbidden

If you go down this way to the ledge, brave listener, your senses keep
Shake off the feeling of fear, unease, doubt and pain, and of sleep
I speak of an iron door when it fell, an echo of emptiness continued
Loudly echoing until it too, faded to whispers misconstrued

Out on open lands the fog rolled in, the way beaded like light rain
The knight rode past in a hurried flash, of a time that time can contain
Torchlight reveals long settled stones and all thereon inscribed
Following the message written on tunnel walls, I have ere described
To reach out and the words may form and utter words in my mind
If nothing amiss befalls the twilight line of the horizon behind
Our voices bounce around and in answer, our questions as well
And walking outside the dark is a place I will bring a story to tell
The way away out and beyond, is to go down further and find dead space
Carrying clouds, hardly a visible path wound, navigating as if in a maze
Sounds muffled creep along, it was hard to find the buried secret gold
But it's the secret of old I hope to hold, given in words I'd told
And a place of song so clear, talking, singing softly close to my ear
Quiet tunnels deep and unheard, in a labyrinth unstirred, are near
The mystic telling tales with long pauses, with sighs, rivals mine
For the mystic lived in all those ages, while for elsewhere I'd pine
Under the light of star and moon, the hearth kept fires alight
As in a woven cocoon, wrapped away from the sinister night
But out on surface of lake, river and moss, flowed an ocean wind
Count it as a wish, like stars or oceans of fish, let a dream begin
In halls there blows a whisper of night, new moon out of our sight
In magic strings and hours in a glass, alas there would be far off light
And if one speaks the tale, the mystic foretold the casting of the spell
Let the strokes of a pen forever mark the wisdom of an uncertain farewell

That age and that realm began to fade almost as it came
The dread that was spoke in dreams but never said, had no name
So softly the story flowed, lofty the senses embraced the romance
In firelight and gatherings of folk, merriment and laughter and dance

But in a while I stood in a dim and long hall, against a wall I'd lean
Yet had I never halted, then never to see that which had passed unseen
Somewhere in a soft candlelight I was able to speak of what was before
Of what eluded the magic knight, what happened in past days of yore

A song in the east, moon in the west, and God's fire just the surface below
A keeper I was called to, from beyond the blue, out of what stories bestow
Great lands and desolate sands over a kingdom no script found redeeming
Perhaps an answer, curious listener, everything has meaning

The fire has gone to ember low, keep them aglow, and I sense no rain
I give you the moments again, and hours hence, all my heart can contain
Because I am a storyteller, I will say that the tale I spoke may seem to fray
Pieced together as I shall always be a storyteller, from so far away
©Iggy 1989
With notes added to the work dated in 1998/1999/2001

Friday, August 5, 2022

Behold The Darkness

Turning my eyes up into the night, and stargazers alike follow its turning
Vast sea of small lights aflame to rival from far back, the sun's own burning
Stars glow but against shadow they mimic mere candles with distinct sharpness
Quiet falls and calms everything for everything beholds the darkness
And to a window I bring a candle that renders a dim glow
And to a window I focus through the obscurity moving slow
Wander within this realm of soft unseen fantasy, let your fingers find
The blanket and hide your dreams beneath it in a treasure secretly bind
You must understand the spell of how the night brings a far off starkness
I find the dreams I long for when the stillness beholds the darkness
How can I fear what is sweetly strange and hallowed like a shrine?
How can I misunderstand the harmless even shade so fine?

In the wake of shadow, deeper than night, the sudden awareness ominous
In a sphere of what holds thunder, we can wonder, for the half world in darkness
A power deep and unknown in height, seems to circle only one half the domain
The gods stay close enough to redeem the hours or the essence of my name
The grounds pull in what the image of night says is old but keeps paths anew
I behold the darkness with a belief that seems unreal and untrue

Ever darker growing, the twilight rolls on barely glowing, I cannot explain
Pulses of the day slowing, air whispers lowly, under a cover that is the same
Moonlight clings to my heart, the connection between solar stark, lunar dark
Gives but a glimpse of the cover of night in what could really be afar
Gates of prophecy unknown, uttered or carved script, no demons dare guard
I come and go there and they keep their distance, they're of no regard

Underfoot there exists gulfs massive and hidden from under the sun's light
But I've brought fire with me in only what I've known in this world's night
Forest tunnels leading to a grotto of an ancient recluse, long forbidden
But in the power of the forest alone, it cleared away what was hidden
The oaks belonged to a world much younger, but steady on they kept hold
I've laughed in the face of dread, it finally rested softly, because I behold

In this fanciful flight that I now tell with the odd recall of an old emotion
The candle glows and shows again a bluish light, and never is heard a notion
That the sun is silent for the lack of proximity to this spinning sphere's sight
Somber dark thick and still grasping to hold the wind to reign over the night
Dark is the giant behind the stars and behind them dark will hide
Deeply hidden shadow, the darkened sky blankets the other side
Its touch slowly turns to frost, a darker hour that was never known to any clock
Silky shade caresses hollow beams, midnight will hang and drag for time to mock
It cannot be counted properly, I behold the darkness without the words to tell
If I dream it all, if I walk under moon to behold part of heaven which could be hell
And to a window I bring a whim silent thought that gathers many thoughts
And to a window past the gate, we had walked in a night that is never lost

© Iggy 1990

Monday, August 1, 2022

The Deep Of Dreams

How frail and thin was the night? I thought I had laid down to rest and to wonder.
But was I fully asleep if what I see is true? What walls of disillusion are laid for me?
If what I see is true then it's dimly casting a light, in corners beyond the rain and thunder.
What are those deceiving scenes of hopeful peace in a dark world which I always see?
Around me there is not a soul, not another, this the deep well, the deep of dreams.
Could I imagine that I fly when I leap? Very deep and much too dark to fly down.
Then a sense of falling down an endless edge, though I never felt the solid touch of a ledge.
Almost in constant apprehension and a hope that someone would intervene now.
Crossing some torn mountain that lay in shreds of rock, that lead away to wild hedge.
Like a poor, crippled figure of grains of sand, misguided and quiet, I fall asleep.
The sense of anxiousness that was bringing me dread, has now abandoned my mind.
I kneel to look at the trail, bowing my head I search backward for the hidden secrets lost.
The trail changes and rises high, I reach its way, but it's in the past where there's no time.
In fading blue, where am I to go, what am I to do? Fragile stone for a step cannot be crossed.
Not even aware and hardly knowing, I cross another gap outside a sheltered keep.

Staggering landscapes and onward halls find me the only one, dark mist woven into the air.
Nothing is pressing me, but nothing settles me, not a sweet slight tune, not a word to soothe.
Seeking with painful effort for something as if it was my quest to find, but was never there.
Dread slopes, hills of rolling misshapen earth, a river that never unwinds is how things move.
In the fragile images of a dream, it's a mightier realm connected to layered worlds in beams.
Twelve statues stand in a chamber with a hollow glow, some are dark and some are bright.
A recollection of a faded victory from long ago, now in burial of old, now enshrined in ark.
Six for the day, six for the night, and five more when all is blithe, and when moon is slight.
But too often that hour is gone like the forgotten night, yet midnight holds all in the dark.
From far away a whisper is heard when one cannot hear one's own word, the silence heeds.

Do I believe there's a lamp behind the moon, or is the moon what shields the light from behind?
The eerie plane of a strange paradise, mystified and weary, I regard the hour and for sleep I wait.
Thin as air are the colors yet they never fade, while the same light bends in a dim room I find.
Welcome or forbidden, it sadly slips away with the gray and it escapes to what is an open gate.
Silent and cautious, the sense of apprehension returns and I think sleep has taken what it needs.
In a world familiar, in a world foreign and alien, of place and path I'm set on unknown quest.
Unnerving is the cunning cloaked scout that means no harm. A guide that leads without a face.
In a world where my hands have no hold, any question is muted, my words have no jest.
The tale now is that the time counted is time measured that can only lead without a trace.
Into the past one can go, but it's not remembered as the time long ago, it moves like the sea.

Grasping the clouds around my head, radio signals elude me, and soon they come to never be.
But something else beckons distantly and its words pass me by, but a master knows the phrase.
A master who knows where to find the bottomless sea that holds the treasure of dreams.
Set before me like a hundred mountains and a thousand seas hence, the mass is but a haze.
Scarce yet provoking, the vision leaves no doubt but deep confusion, if only it is to me.

There's something uneasy about the way the sun casts itself, and it doesn't burn the same.
Somewhere is something I must fear so much having walked a beaten road of broken will.
And when I finally reach the shore I touch the cold of ice that hint of hidden sign and name.
Lost and forgotten, doleful I try to carry on. Are my dreams I hold what these dreams kill?
Seldom is the hour if I find them again or its shores I reach, I awake to find it was a dream.

Day is still long nights it appears to be, they come to my own realm of mist and grounds of green.
Adrift they fly, they glide by and never regard my cries and time falls outside the dismal realm.
In the anomaly of a crowd, I see them all but only some see me, I am one who is often unseen.
Never standing with those who fall into false belief, and so lost is the way, a ship without a helm.
The dream of home I have never seen, it seems unreal, until the time comes again to dream.

When the wind can bring a storm but not a yielding air, a world of feasts of madness and fear.
Still from all of that I stray, seeking only a place where the world isn't empty and dark.
Sometimes out there, though surrounded by deathly tone I hear, a tone softly melting away
  the hardest voice of judgement in my ear.
If chambers of shrine and hall are empty I'd bring candle and wreath for a simplistic mark.
How I have known, I've learned to explore, and with such the skill, I've mastered the dream.
Everything is too troublesome to remember and memories are so dear, one can lose the way.
How frail and thin the night, it strays near the mind's edge, flowing shallow waters over a ledge.
Return me to a place, home was it? If only in a day or an hour that in my minutes fade away.
But I can be spared the doom of whatever may be hidden in darkness, earth and sea to dredge.
I think I hear someone talk of the deep, mystified and with ease, I fall asleep.
© Iggy 1990
Working titles for this body of work were 'The Depth Of Dreams' and 'Lost And Forgotten Dreams'

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Once Upon A World

Inside a shell, my fire is deep and closer to core and hearth.
But upon the wind, and the top of polar sea I'm a beacon of melting ice.
Giant hills rise, small stars fall, this is the moment I mark.
And plates become pages of stone, as leaf is my design in seasons twice.
Moon in soft eyes before I awake to winds of forceful sighs.

The ultraviolet pulse that keeps a rhythm of time,
Like a bottle of sands, a sand mass inside glass, a mirror for both sides.
Embers in shallow wells, and healing rain to low fields of mine.
Thunder sounds deafening blasts and quake, in a blink of the eyes.
Day, dawn, dusk and night, lightning quick, lightening break and tides.
They fade into sleep when I seem fainter and cold and I make myself fade, too.
From ice the thawing ripple of pond in mossy mold is a place found in solitude.
Rapid streams down the treachery of slope and peaks touch the colors of midnight,
For a long span of eon, edges of sea far away held in an image captured by light.
Blue is an echo of frost, I sense its foreboding drifting around my feet.
Under faltering clouds, unsettled mist and stem of unknown root finally meet.
For quiet moments in peace, the back of the sky falls into sleep, behind cosmic hands.
My eyes are open but my head is in bewilderment, and racing through strange lands.

Distant moonlit clearings where I keep shards of quartz, pieces of gold,
To sunken grounds where path fell to those strange trenches, those places so deep.
Under vine, I'll sense portions of life out on storm-scarred hold.
The world has designed more than riddle and puzzling chasms could one defeat.
The wish was true, the void a lie, back to the first page the world did speak.

Inside a shell, an echo is the sound that traces around,
Heard past the giants where stone mountains crumble under a sand time.
Within what is home, in eternal flight, wherever the echoes abound.
Quickened and exaltation at length, islands dive into polar seas' icy clime.
Oddly palm of hand extends watts in aura's light, aura's shine.
In the past, what was before, on aimless tracks unknown and uncharted view.
While live pieces of star and flame buried in years of what one recalled or knew.
Sailing ships and wheels of twine set out to no purpose, no dream, only strife.
The grim echo faded yet, and flame and star I see has come with new life.
I'll guide you through passages of flame and ice, surely once, maybe twice.
Both somber dark and living gleam, of pages that never cease written by the wise.
With all the white glare, with all the ranges of heat, the reason hidden in a sea.
I know, I understand, I became, I am, always to become, always to be.
I was once a mere flame, watching the gray of sky and cloud and clime
In a shell with fire deep and glow, once upon a world, once upon a time.

©Iggy 1988

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Enter Hyperborea

I move around giant leaves, hung from prehistoric trees
I watch upon a buried small trove, and silver web wove
Forgotten crumbling fortress abode left for time, nevermind
Why have you a shadow in your eye, past window dimly by?

Silent watcher, fearless archer, wary traveler being alive
I once advised to set all those faded relics of sorrow aside
Reflected like the water of your tear, but they never died
I was drawn in, but I was in a fog of vertical oceans wide
I thought that they would blend with the horizon aligned

Dusk swelling toward an ancient door, in forgotten lore
And the dust settled then, slowed time in grotto and den
Doubt moves across your brow, knowing the here and now
Open gates, this is where destiny, fate and legend awaits

Ahead you'll see the fall, and ahead you'll hear every call
Thinker of thoughts deep, easily tell me dreams you keep
Restless thinker so deep in thought, and spoken was not
Sit by over here, close enough to hear a whisper so near

I'll tell you a thing of ancient doors and forgotten gates
I've seen and heard visions and songs gliding in the haze
A gloom of a yesterday was hard on me and I cry, our fates
My soul rides an air above a point, and hovering it stays
Slight the sound of cricket, maybe only a breeze in shades

Recall the storm in a bygone night, and it was like a sigh
Striking it was, when moon falls, and ocean climbing walls
The wild was brushing the skies, and a wisdom in your eyes
Going back to tidal wall, seven seas long, seven drop fall

The way the sands had drifted into remnant of an old shore
Passing through another ancient arch designed of a past war
The gate on this passageway is fallen on broken stone floor
And here I know you won't forget the secrets, knowing more
Walking slowly past you know where to go now just as before

I can give you such a thing and I will try to make it so
Share my heart's realm of life that I would possibly know
But as I see, before I came to this tale I tell, so curiously
I can follow you hence, because you gave all of this to me
If I breathed new air beneath fortress old, it sets me free

Finding I'm standing alone, lost ruins and relics of stone
You went the way I came from, this side still the doldrum
Just below the surface and edge, broken promise and pledge
Solemn in the span of ancient field, nothing upon to build

Frozen in a time I've never stood before, weakens the door
I'm soon to flee swiftly to escape, of this ancient landscape
I go with you unseen behind, you're gone to nowhere I find
When you turn around to be near, I am the silence you hear

We see outside of time and inside towards the firelight
If the winds mock and rush past marble of a lofty height
Something stirred untying a lock of ribbons golden light
That what belongs to forgotten gates to open on the night
Not a sun or moon of rich color hue, put yarns into sight

The door ahead, afloat on airy fog but rests in lava bed
Canyons of murky moon half, sands of dusky moon draft
What we see of clime, outer rift yet another hand of time
Forgotten fortress appears, once the icy wind disappears

In the wake of tide is wreathed of salt and silken thread
Stay fast alert and then so sleep between peace and dread
Waters are sad here because tears line their pooling waves
Three linear beams finely tune eight songs below the shades
Along they tread in time lingering past doors of the dead

And here is where the doors lead, of all paths in between
When we can find the way back, for this way and for that
Ancient is yesterday, forgotten must be undone of decay
Area span moves in one place, but stays allowing a way

© Iggy 1990/1994
Working titles for this body of work were 'Ancient Doors And Forgotten Gates' and 'Enter To Exit'

Wednesday, February 9, 2022


I've been summoned here, Naphtali connected to the signals I keep
Time is a repose, slowed to sleep, and disconnected from the deep
It was silence but now a bleak murmur floating on the grid line
I call it web and vine, air and void, counting three, six, and nine
Outside glass-like gate existence is never under slumber's spell
A freely moving sail, above the hours, entranced by moon so pale

Name the sad moment a long lament, it extends, asteroids will find
The mercy of gravity remains, trailing behind, stable orbit unwind
A force that never dies, I keep at random speed somehow by choice
I merely exist whispering from far away, and subtle is my voice
I found the iced sphere on the last roundabout and it's now lost
For the same stellar course crossed never changes but the frost

Endlessly I find thousand endless journey
Is silence something even you cannot keep?
If I merely exist, amusingly I am bored
My view through this long window, turning
Surrounding the majestic titan of amber deep
Fountains in radion where beta rays soared

In an awkward circle of orbit, and as far as the eye can see
Reaching a state of solitude for me, remain unknown I'd be
In distress and radio path clearing away the dusts of time
If I exist, I knew the sign, a path through peaks I'd climb
But so disregarding is it now in obscure distance below
If I just exist just to know, languid it feels, and so slow

A hunter I am not, a hunter is not my name in red glow
But lava pools of fire poured low, magma stirred below
If I exist, I can't tell if it's too late, so unsettling now I fear
In lunar shade awake and near, a signal once again I hear
Emerged they sail upon waters that reflect reddish skies
I muse within a strange realm in its rise, with weary eyes

In this what is called night, I wander along
The terrain is unmarked as it is yet unknown
Made by nature's surge and era's end so pale
As to exist, a moment spoken through ages long
Inside a furbished theme, outside frequency tone
Of giant fragments nova made it's a flowing tale

I merely...exist, and all of a drone it seems
I hear nothing outside of continuing beams
And often they faintly and weakly glow
Over and out, your answer is very slow
© Iggy 1994

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Spirit Force

Origin, I cannot say if I remember your slightest embrace
As there is no recollection of that, let alone your face
Are you alone? I wander the forest, I tread the night
Indeed, it is I, who watches only the smallest light

Is it my years that bring to me no recall, in my eyes?
Is it you, Origin, who had found the fabled paradise?
Where I watch from an outside wall
A low wind murmurs, and that is all

Origin, I cannot say if I remember a smile of your face
There must be dragons to slay, and castle to scale
Because I sense a kingdom in ruins and conquered place
And so there must be deep oceans of darkness to sail

Origin, I grasp and I do try to guess
That out there in the distance immense
You catch the echo of a word
The edge of my verse unheard

In the strange night or in the point of its eclipse
I stood among dark ones, amid the shadows of night
I knocked on doors asking in the shade of warships
But unseen I fade back away, my hands clutched tight

Whether the splash of sun on mountaintop
Or in earthen stone, my light burns hot
In so many a night, so many alone
Holding nothing but flesh and bone

I mirror life in ways that reflect dense distant suns
A flame dancing past the elements of expanse I trace
I turned to find you saying greetings from the high ones
Saying no goodbyes in a dream instead of empty space

Origin, quietly I will say
Only a question, if I may?
Where falls from the forest tree
The living spring it used to be?

The brush, weed and thorns have made my skin as bark
In the rains of clouds far below the roof of sphere
Deep down I tell you what I see, and I hold your mark
If just in a single drop that such is manifested here

Origin, are you blue? Do you remember me from a star?
The ages have made deep trails that lead away afar
And small ripples or waves in a sea
Origin, are you alone? Or is it me?

What burden do I carry, so long a time, I cannot say
I hear in my soul what instructs me to give it to you
But out of fear I stay silent, passed times that betray
My life and ages past have known the same, heavy but true

I would love a mere glimpse even if it is in vain
I would try to ease the wounds of those in pain
A hint of ways to spark dreams
For whatever to them it seems

Now floating the clouds seem dull as the night draws on
I turn to gaze longing for a half-forgotten idea of home
A page or two of a story with no single command to belong
A thousand more the heavens bear, treading along the glow

And your thoughts all the wise have longed and sought
Worlds, and realms of magic, you alone have wrought
In your hand caught, you already know
Of the hosts, my fire is like the snow

Who are they that build winds that sweep, and willows weep?
Faraway crystals that sparkle through a telescopic glass?
Upon the waking bough there's promise of bloom and leaf
Alive in a flame we weave, on top of cloud's soaring mass

I know your ways, springing the waters of peace
When I'm a pale flame, you name the veil of seas
Hidden in waves, bleak is the lair
But to others, nothing is there

Do you draw me from grief, as beams settle in empty room?
If comes the crash of avalanche you understand hopes I keep
And if a shadow of shadows descend you brush away the gloom
With you in quiet speech, I vaguely hear memories that sleep

I've known the significance of shine I try to cast
I am one who keeps a fire, blue middle flames last
I cannot say if I remember you ever being here
Maybe in deep memory unlike numbers of year
I would ask if I knew what words to pray
But this recollection will never go away

© Iggy 1993/1994
Working titles for this body of work were 'Ghost', 'Eidolon' and 'Origin (Father)'

Friday, February 4, 2022

I Have Walked Through A Thousand Years With You

I have walked through a thousand years with you, surely even more
I have seen the traces of time dwindle and storm again, as if before
I have walked alongside in a thousand years with you, even many more
We have been connected but from far away as if in legend and lore

We may surface from such a depth of waters from the deep
 ocean that had been the waves of our lives
Or ascend from valley, then grazing the surface of a sphere
 that hides behind light to slowly appear
Somewhere in our path, somewhere ahead, rather than from a
 distant echo, rather than from unknown skies
Through the ages long, so drawn out as if bound by the gray
I have been in a book of time on a clock of moments gone
Through endless hour and quick dreams of a faraway
Through a thousand ways, even more, each road was long

I have endured alongside you, everything you've known, my friend
But there are places where I wanted to get away, places I've fled
Though I watch from a thousand remote miles, your journeys I attend
That maybe one day, someday we'll reach another gate in paths we tread

I've walked unknown miles and still go on in an uncertainty of destiny
But I have walked through a thousand years with you, and so even more
It's just that illusions are clear to me, they draw me as if a sentry
I've gone through a thousand years in a blaze, in solitude, and explored

We may descend onto grounds of darkened mass covered in
 shadow that lives but is for most, unheard of
Soon we have battles to face, side by side, towards the tide
But somehow in our path, for a moment, we'll share a
 whisper, a knowledge that we know each other in pure love
Through the days that drag on long beyond the moment that repeats
I have kept a close thought that the oddity of time never knows
Through another thousand tides upon sands of warm island retreats
I will tread again under wind and storm, wielding starfire flows

Where there has been only silence here, a thousand years are counted
On a plane of stars and nebulae I have heard the sound of spiral rain
On a phantom ship on dark waters I've spied the times we doubted
Then having walked a thousand years, there was patience in the pain

I've walked unknown lengths, and I've no desire to cease if you still go
Upon your brow I see, etched memories of lifetimes, you must remember me
And though we do walk through a thousand years, the age doesn't show
Something from deep within has burned, we remain young, wise, and free

We may cross all of the mountains, forests and deserts in
 the primal spirit to wander and venture under the sun
Soon we'll walk together inside a song, the same land we'll
 survey and name gates and paths we shall go along
Upon our path, and now almost viewed ahead, we will smile
 for the knowledge that we've amassed, that we've been one
And through time and times with you I've walked and quickened the pace
Through the hours that wind relentlessly, the story it is certain and true
I have come through a thousand years, even more, where fiery stars race
For I've seen the shine in your eyes, sensed the bond 'tween me and you

I have walked through a thousand years with you, even more
I've seen the traces of time disappear and weathered storm
I've walked the thousand years with you, with love all the more
We've been connected in a faraway as if we're from legend and lore

©Iggy 1999

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Omega Outpost

They say it's unheard of when finally hours are long past solitude
Like a difficult and deathly course of intense fire and such
Across the breadth of nearest star's longitude
In the silent drift, a way of fate I've known so much
This is where the outpost ceased receiving distant call
Closed off and barely any gravity, a sense of a sustained fall

Where to begin, it's been a long recorded draft in dimmest light
The presence of someone else who knows the signal at last
All is quiet and everything part of the night
That I arrive to the place closed off from the past
Omega was named for something meant to allude to an end
But what was the finality? A connection of final signal to send?

Abandoned and lost the forgotten landing lay as an echo of my sigh
Going through archives of battle becoming a circle of no end
It seems completely dead and no one is seen on nigh
The outpost serves as a release that nearby worlds defend
And where nearby worlds fought for its place, here I find a way
And maybe a desperate retreat beyond the darkness of dismay

Omega brings the goodbye, they went on knowing that they spoke
Even so from one of the worlds when there was nothing more
They had gone and every last connection broke
The last treaty when there had been nothing left to explore
Omega had been waiting throughout, an unexpected call to return
What the outpost witnessed, what secrets it held there, to learn

They say it's unheard of to be placed at distant reaches vast
The outpost silent and a subtle desire of long needed rest
Omega is a turning point, a call and it is past
Out here in endless open space, the stillness of such a quest
If no one returns to this place, the post fades to an end
And only I hear the remainder of signals they used to send
©Iggy 1999

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

A List of Titles

This entry is just a list of works of poetry I haven't posted yet. The dates on any piece that may have more than one date is indicative that I started to write something, and set it aside until a later time. I still have lots of papers to go through, although sorted, I'm doing this manually. All of these have only ever existed on physical paper and pages.


Ancient Alley (1990)
Misunderstood Mammoth (1990)
Kingdoms And Castles (1993)
Behind The Web And Beyond The Veil (1993/94)
Ein Kleines M├Ądchen Das War (1994)
Wolfhollow (1994)
The Mythos Of Time (1996)
The Harbors Of The Silver Sea (1998)
Realm (Somewhere Else) (1998)
Where Stones Have Crumbled, Time Had Fallen (1998)
The Mountains Of Wrath (Montis De Ira) (1999)
A Place That Sleeps (2000)
Shipwreck (2000)
The Second Shipwreck (2000)
The Water Riddle (1988)
The Fire Riddle (1993)
The Wind Riddle (1993)


This list isn't entirely complete as I have untitled pages with mere working titles, where I finished the poetry but hadn't given a name yet. There's also two short poems I had written in 1980 but I didn't begin writing such things again until around 1988. But I have written songs, music and lyrics throughout all of this time. It's just that with poetry I can tell a story with hints of song.

Friday, January 28, 2022

The Go Away Island

Before the day awoke, there was a spinning wave in the water
All going under the wavy forces of tide, the pull of moon and sea
No one heard me say; send away the shadows, way out farther
Alone I notice the reeling image of the go away island, the palm tree
Standing ashore in the sea, an island I have about my knee
Last of the many nights it's been a long, dread cold winter
Then the warmth came in slowly as I recall, as the palm would know
An island that I've known where some fruits were bitter
If an angel walked on the sand, or ancient land, it's now long ago
But did he see the oat grasses, or the coral reef of the island at all?
Did angels tread byways of this place, gone away under crumbling wall?
Out on the high seas, the waters collide with storms in resistance
But had the cliffs of rocky slopes stood in upper floors of the ocean
They would have formed crystal shores on islands in the distance
The sun reflects against a glass or a shell my palms held, in calm emotion
Toasting from the go away island, yet I ask, and hide but wear no mask
The tall grass inshore waves around, in a shroud of light I was walking
Where may have stood the messenger, could have easily been close to me
By the torches of glistening walls of stone, we were silently talking
Muttered above the waves, words almost formed inside echoes of the sea
To escape the go away island, where each indigo night falls and strays
Would be an escape of an unknown depth of either the sea or sky's ways

Tides close in around the shores, far from the hour clouds form
The glassy horizon settles in layers of green-blue on faded gray bland
But a shine sparks through when stars bid the cloud to spark a storm
The winds seem to stay out beyond and lightning follows the command
The sharpest blue and island so pale, showing age in its withered trail

Sandcastles crumble in the grip of my hand to loosen my soul
Driftwood of fallen tree in this far away place under the night
My longings go in all directions and with the waves they roll
It seems to hold no breath, an island that just doesn't seem right
And tiring motions of the island heed no touch of change, wind or tide
It just drifts away, slowly away, like a stalling root, and with it, I ride
Stranded in the tale and the ocean moon is eerily forsaking
Where the messenger stands is now out of island's reach
I've strained to see any sign of ship on water's edge breaking
Or from the edge of skies within my view from isolated beach
The go away island hosts the will of roaming vine, mocking time

Sitting silently, watching all of the sky, vague as an unseen window
Between me and it, there's a sense of something never dying
An isle of long sleepy retreats on eve's gate, on wind high and wind low
How does one open the way, a passage the island is denying?
A hidden crater surrounded by the go away island, then the tide comes in
Buried corridor out past the sands, island's center, the unknown hides dim
Far off, and stretching out to the sea is the long sweeping palm tree
And sometimes the sands shine with starry mimicking to my surprise
When the evening falls and fire's light glows, I recall songs sung to me
Burn the dark world down to faded ashes, to lift the shadow off my eyes
But in peace, the ocean and the mist makes up the only view I see
My head bowed in thought or recall about the beginning of the age
Strange stone on the beach, wooden chest of silks, gold and cotton
Imagining wonderfully arranged realms of peace, written to no page
And back out to the sea, any journey from the past, forgotten
For angels I cannot call out any name they may be known by anyway
Another lost island adrift, with giant leaf and twine, another go away

Gathering pieces of tropical storm from waters stirred, I am thinking
From far beneath the ocean floor an eerie sense arises, in the light
Another tide comes and goes with no tidings of the island sinking
A deep sense of knowing never known by the darkness, by the night
No cover for the fallen in the fray, falling past what was cleared away

I wonder if the island sleeps so deep or if it can sense anything, at all
I look out on the sea, the hour goes by, and so does the day at length
Will I stay here on the island when it finally goes away, with it will I fall?
I long to touch another light or hold a hand, longing but lacking the strength
Hope seems almost passing in hours, in a sad way, and I am here, I feel
For long spans of time in timeless dwelling on the go away island still
Many days it is void and empty, and nothing floats by
Hope seems almost passing in hours, almost ages ago, in a sad way
But hope's not afraid, my touch is gentle and kind
A reminder of quiet drops swelling from my eyelashes, I would say
The forlorn land, quietly the island stays each grain of sand
In a dream once I begged to turn away from sand's burning dunes
The appearance of closest star brightly lit, scorching flames
Brings about another dream of the arid plains under sky's fumes
Stoic I stood not knowing if the dream was real or whispered names
A lonely dock lay dimly not so great a distance from me, on water tame
It moved only with a wave and slightest wind, like it I felt the same

The ocean beckoned for every while and then, withdrew within
Any solid figures under sails are neither here nor there
Gully tides rush so, and rush one after the other again, wisp thin
Long tides form out so far they diminish passing shore so fair
In the deep blue, there are stronger forces pouring through

In island song, chanting I speak slowly and clearly in tones
I've watched the sea's rage emerge from its depths of cold
The island has many returns upon greens of path and smooth of stones
When I sleep there are still the spinning waves in dreams I behold
The far off distance, the far off I cannot see, somehow
The island I'd let go if I could only be there now

Splendid tremendous storm that descends then climbs the skies
And palms shudder as they, too, sense the night on the way
Languishing, like the clouds as they thunder their goodbyes
They have but moments to grow and rise, and ages to sway
They stand in a breeze off the sea, just an islander like me

The go away island feeds no soul and numbs any other hope
To put claims on this place, sea's mock paradise, is foolish boast
So here and now I gaze from the island that whispers in its scope
Oddly relating a tale I already know, coldly settling on its coast
While all the time and all the same it appears to be calm and warm
It's something of a hidden world bound to be the target for a storm

The go away island is a haunting ground that fills one space
But if I flew away and I conquered the mass of the sea
I'd yet hold, carrying island's troves, but with great haste
The shell and the palm, just an islander are they, like me
Where I will go, my memory is fragmented though, I do not know

©Iggy 1994

Monday, June 28, 2021

Quicksands Of Gamma

Throughout the woven passageways leading into that faraway
A single travel of thousand year speed would only see mist and spray
Around it turns, suns burn in the reach of its spark, and the spiral will sway
All of a fast moving sphere, all folded in dark, and all so clear

Giant cloud forms in opposite spiral under the other, being of unknown size
Long passing to another distance that cannot be seen with any scope of eyes
Like a deep cave in suspended core-glaze, in blue rays, eruptions ablaze
A distance quite inconceivable but the beauty all too believable
Dark forlorn grounds of outside moon that held no freeze or heated extreme
Stretched past orbital connection and solar reflection in the glows of far off gleam
A galactic disc throwing back light in isolated quavers formed in a dense whole
Absorbing moon that strayed, a measured part small, the rest was unknown
The pulse, a beat so vast, a wave of expansion, a turning so fast
And with that there was not only one way, but many gone past

Up toward deep blue sky, unlike day, unlike night, a billowing cloud rose
So thick was the outer layer that a giant archer could stand under its slopes
The grounds held no quiver, and archer gave way as a mere silent gate and song
The endless clarity beneath a tepid vapor has been immensely prolonged
Out on center spin pulses race unseen from below, rarely to flutter, never to slow
Taking in light years in a single flow, and yet only to utter the reddish aglow
Reaches that can be detected of every single layer wound in velvet leaf
Staring down from impossible heights while velvet sands lie underneath
Still while the passage to this point flew past so much in black path
Unnumbered shape-scattered mass adjusting to quasar's flames of wrath
Out of invisible streams of the finest dust there will follow more
Toward Gamma globular clusters wrapped of darkness with weightless core
The sands of under layers beneath galaxy's disc, the grains suns have sown
Expanded far beyond their tone, in a swarm, vast and unknown
Before coming upon the pull of pulsar's light, each turning beam is open
Vaporous globes bellow and sigh, but of Gamma, a passage is spoken
Wide arms envelope like splashes of white frozen blankets of designed coils
Drawn into a flame we can only imagine, only guess the raging boils
And the grains each have their own density and partly cover this expanse
Slowly shifting to and fro until a certain point where they wildly advance
Always drifting into oblivion and reaching another far off beyond
Uncounted for the beginning is multitude, concealed and foregone
The focused giant mass that soars beyond the uttermost overhead
It's difficult to know the center of the storm for an endless spread
Wherever the consuming core lies, anywhere is within storm's eye
But calm continues and out on solar tracts, harmony continues by
Hiding the under-layer of quicksands below galaxy's disc, a top side sand
Though remnants their beauty so fragile you dare not reach out your hand
Still the layers wound in smoothest circles round crystalline star-made branch
With great speed stars whip by in linear trails which fade into spiral avalanche
Like a revelation of heaven's mass, universe's formidable mixtures pass
From under dark grounded grass, there's still element of crystal glass
Frictional sparks thrown out so far from all this way seems a single flare
Aimlessly falter in such that is dim, suddenly Gamma enhances the glare
Close to each of the spinning orbs one can feel the intense energy
And looking toward the direction they go seems an uncertain destiny
Gazing over the long dark space that reaches no end, they'll pulsate
And from Gamma once again was their glowing complete, ever their fate
Perhaps from every corner of darkness there can be heard its pulse
In moving parts of chaotic worlds' starkness, solar realms waltz
But out beyond the giant sphere of mass density is where they're bound
Floating so long in the comprehension of time that no eon is to be found
In all of the nowhere endlessly the sight never loses its wonder
For in the whole of its majesty there could never be any number
So now in the trails of frozen void, the beauty of Gamma is unspeakable
On ways and courses that appear ahead, nowhere calculates as unreachable
And the traveler seeks what the travel itself beckons of traveler's view
Going further on the quicksands awaken dormant specks of red color hue
Weaving through fixed light made up of multi shades of violet plumes
Long funnels of designed matter stretch over rolling proportional fumes
Forms of cloud hover over mounded top bringing a sprinkling of downpours
Whereas a dry wrapping of heat is magnified to surround their very course
Below, the unknown solid landings of Gamma are exceedingly churning
From all corners past its expanding, all paths are toward it turning
Outer ice drifting amid large fragmented rock that once had form
Matter that had been crushed by hurled giants as debris from a storm
Through an almost endless series of great drops and sheer, terrific falls
A tremendous crashing stirring is almost silent before nebular walls
Reaching again far into outer frozen webs and inner clustered mass
Upon each side dances strange characters of nameless dust and gas
Where all was aflame from afar now seems only a dense glowing
While still the sands swell up and out into a distance of no showing
Ahead there may be seen formations circled beginning to unfold and open
Their slow moving makes no witness of fragile cover that seems broken
And whatever could be their guide stands clear in the utmost of all powers
For never could there be a pool so wide that galaxies are scattered showers
So unlike anything of solar origin and yet an equivalent of all planetary
The rays of Gamma pull with such a force that its core seems imaginary
The blanket of stars position at random as if deepening wraps inside greater trails
Far off surface begins to tear apart and pull into further cracks under vapor sails
And out on unbounded plane there shines a reflection as if by a sun
However it is clearly only an illumination of stellar creations begun
At zero and zero minus, layers bounding through currents in a sea of space
Out beyond the scope of this other side that may lead to Gamma's face
Soft light twinkles hiding the true density, and moon worlds draw in turns
Starlight of unknown immensity, small to that which Gamma churns
Ever the planes expand and appear to strain further to awaiting shores
Until finally Gamma's surface directly engulfs all the eye explores
A darkness surrounding the mass in thin, breathless whispers of cold
But no quiver is detected from the soft velvet grounds as sands enfold
Accumulating around tiny spores are airy fragments in magnetic suspension
And the vastness of Gamma becomes at this point all of every dimension
Negative energies of what used to soar, now lie quiet as dust from before
Like a cauldron of seething force, all filters through the very core
Under a mind-boggling depth the levels down continue and grow warm
Within a complete passing of Gamma time do the softer crusts start to form
Then does the wave of dense flame heat an element used of pulsar speeds
And of pulsar each turn expands in swollen cloud echo, and its signal impedes
To every star off away so very far, was Gamma's call and pulsar's warning
The boiling pools in Gamma, of all its sands, massive grains are swarming
Upon whatever form still of original size, the ice no longer exists
Broken up and melting beyond any water vapor that could persist
Roots of strange ancient growth are climbing ever far above in the dim
A darkly furnace now becomes a vast space of itself, a place of the grim
Any chill element, every cold lair, has no meaning of this great fiery sea
Woven into such granular metric hair, element broken down atomically
A field of systems outside the field of the sands that steadily hold dramatic steam
Weave around the events and trap no measure of time to go unhindered like a dream
But dead matter traveling on as if the consuming fires of Gamma were their destiny
With no doubt it will be different, changing within Gamma's raging intensity
The entity that is this force having the intelligence that clouds wrung round it race
A solid realm that treads like an intricate lace, the dark red core is ever set ablaze

The very core shifts by stars in tremendous mass past knowing, in nova's deluge
Down below Gamma's grounds of velvet-leaf is death's last and only refuge
For all the journey it would take, all these sands out on galaxy's wake
May never reach beyond Gamma's stake, for beyond time it would take
So in verse, in poetry I have found a way to tell of great and unfathomable things
I know not how every end will be, I have questions bouncing off Saturn's rings
Reaching the point where sands of matter begin their rolling tide
Pass the endless scope of Gamma's sphere until at last gone through
Gamma's massive side

©Iggy 1998

Sunday, June 27, 2021

From The Deep There Were Drums

Through darkness thick and darkness deep
Well footing and instinct may serve very well
Always wondering if this is all an image of sleep
And reminding ourselves this is the waking realm
Gripping the edges of walls and ready to draw the sword
Struggling along trying to keep a steady pace
Once these were halls in golden light and once adored
Now given way to foreboding in an empty place
From the beginning we knew there were dark feelings
And at the other end into the sun, still warnings we must heed
Past these tunnels and roads, hollow, vast limestone ceilings
Going on with only the faintest idea of where it may lead

No markers between and guessing from rumor we're halfway through
No matters from the outside world could again be more pressing 
If the twinkling of only one tiny star could be mirrored in this pool
It would seem the mountain were small and so the strain of guessing
Walk carefully and know that each sigh is felt behind and ahead
I cannot tell if something awaits further on or if I'm afraid
Because sometimes long ago tales we've heard spoke of such dread
In such a gloom and only barely a dim torch, everywhere can fade
Scattered treasure that once had value in whatever it served
The few words we speak now and a memory of song as it comes
Feels as though the more treasure is regarded, the more obscure
The silence is broken for from the deep there were drums
Perils had been reflected upon and measures taken, and the danger noted
But the path that would have been easier to turn away, that's when we were brave
Whenever it all happens, we shall find a way, were the words once quoted
They made sense then, but never reached an end, no direction they gave

Twisting and turning ways around massive rock walls and long buried halls
Coming through one menacing path which only leads to another
Grasping my hand over my my chest so the beat of my heart slows under footfalls
An occasional breeze slips through the air under this immense cover
Everywhere there are signs of death but instead of frightful, they're subdued
From early evening to late at night our journey's timing is hard to tell
A crisp clear sting of wind and stone keep us all awake, and so we ensue
Coming upon a corner that may serve as a resting point beside a deep well
A darkness flutters in a thicker wave, from where it comes I don't want to know
All the laughter from happy times I've closed within my heart
A creeping sense of something eerie and dull begins to feel colder than the snow
Bordering a terror and fear beyond an emptiness of the dark
It was never a desire for this conquest to turn into a final invasion
Of the ending steps where we will undoubtedly go, it's bound to meet us harsh
I see the warning signs of every breath of stagnant air, in hesitation
It serves well to keep wary in this expanse where drums beat in a distant march
There is no time to slack and then again time here is all consuming
Any dawn we've seen with tired eyes begins to go in deeper and slip away
The time of day has gone far above but here it's unknown and never moving
A year may have gone but it couldn't be counted as each single hour can sway

Under this range and far from the towering doors we walk in the unknown
If any primitive will awakes this would be the place to lose a sense of choice
But journey's end lies somewhere beyond the echo of footfall, not yet shown
Being always aware to think quietly within a small gathering of one voice

Although we've gone steadily into the feared depths, really we have plunged
Down further until any sense of height appears as an abyss below our feet
Minding each step as the legends spoke of byways that gave way and lunged
In moments of pause and rest, still from the deep there were drums' beat

Of the winding upward stair and harrowing descent are chambers of the dead
So long forgotten beneath the dust that settled evenly in the marks of any name
If I only pass by these deeply buried chambers of a kingdom unspoken, unsaid
Forever would I still feel each point of bewilderment in my heart the same

Now we continue on from a quest that begins to grow beyond our grasp
We must keep going and abandon any desire to stop or hope for its end
So tread alongside me, my friend, for so long has the darkness gathered to last
I once thought adventures, too, were marvels and now look what we comprehend
Secret tunnel below and emptiness overhead, behind the small trail of footsteps
In such a place where no mirage can be seen, the false ring of running water
Carry onward and hurry along, we fare under hanging twine and root's depths
While the moisture in the air hardly offers comfort, we head yet farther
With unnumbered turns we've gone it's natural to believe it's nearly over
Closer we walk side by side, following with great care the light-bearing guide
And at some points the way is treacherous, forcing us to move much slower
Yes, it's difficult to know what pace to keep and continue any adjusted stride
In low whispers words of encouragement bring the burden off our minds
In low tones underneath the flows of tunnel breeze, we will rest up ahead
From this place it doesn't appear so menacing only for the decaying synclines
For only a little while I can sleep and dream away the looming dread
Holding onto all the memories of sunlit, wooded strolls in some long past Spring
In some eerie belief that they could never again be reached or again taken
The gloom stays unrelenting, seeming to build and the despairing it has to bring
Has never felt so strong or so forced and leaves me feeling shaken

In the thickness of all night one wonders endlessly, thinking why
Hundreds and thousands of steps already under us all who are so weary
Engulfing us in such a choking shadow, the obscurity will only sigh
Haltingly moving in the dark as if shadows cursed us to never see clearly
Of winding paths and impossible passages through underground ways
All the time was there a strange haunt keeping a grip of this quest
And of crumbling roads that seem far and so much more a maze
It's this path alone we've gone that hosts us as an unwelcome guest
Inside slopes have run down inclines in varying degrees and still sink
All the blackness of the deep has brought only a numbing of feeling sought
The totality of shadow struck at first but aura had faded and mind not to think
Keeping a steady pace for the slightest idea there echoes your thought

Dark ways that leave no sensation beyond that of a grim desolation
Wondering ever where this place has lead us to and where we'll end up next
With accounts and recollections from our guide there's vague memorization
The scope of a realm that we knew was riddled and now growing more perplexed

The going is starting to seem opposing and the way begins to climb
Time to adjust the direction and set forth in a quicker pace abound
The sooner we reach the other side where the other doors must hide
The better our chance to finish a trek that doomed the very ground
Drawing closer to the conclusion gives a distinct urge to be hurried
While the depths have been left far behind, we stand within murky grasp
Passes and archways open before stone halls appearing swept through flurried
And bridges go across deep chasms where upward tunnel winds blast

Maybe the sunlight is only one hour away and we'll find the doors
The ever-growing sense of caution fill these ruins and chambers bare
Strangely that there are marks scattered in the dust upon the rock floors
A scent from ashes and fire drifts along in the motion of the air

Another short flight across a vast spread made up of flattened stone
In barely a moment to catch a breath and prepare for one more run
Suddenly heeding faintly detectable sounds, knowing we're not alone
Looking back, side, behind, keep a watchful eye for whatever may come

It's been such a while that we've spent through this ghastly expanse
Yet this legendary kingdom had been deathly quiet, a nature of hidden maze
Many times at many points have I been overwhelmed, my fears enhance
For the unknown threat and the encompassing shadow where I'd rigidly gaze

Ancient relics and the remains of lifetimes that once were
Somber reminders how ages have passed and another comes
Making the memory of their delight the more obscure
In a constant rhythm from the deep, there were drums
©Iggy 1998
Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's 'A Journey In The Dark' from The Lord of the Rings

Friday, June 25, 2021

Once In Your Life

Because you're standing far away from a silver sea,
And that even from a glimpse I see your sorrow.
Don't be hurt or hide for fear, oh don't flee.
Please come back, return, there's tomorrow.
For once in your life.
There's a cloud of sails in my boat where wind will ride.
And I will take you into this ocean of realms, of life.
And show you these mysteries that engulf your dreams.
Where illusions are drawn back, and falsehoods drown in beams.
For my hope of your life.

We run but we fly, then lie in wavy meadows of gold.
Like a waterfall, a story relived and again happily told.
You once stood on shore walking from the waves, a shining jewel.
But at times I turn and clutch my fingers, forlorn, but not anew.
Under this blue sky in your life.
Have courage and I'll ask the deep fires of souls past; why?
It can be sadly lamented my own sorrow, my wishful sigh.
The haze rarely lifts from the profound thought, but measures only a guess.
How unclear it feels when I call with a mere voice of love to confess?
In a melody of your life.
Dreading the lengthy darkness, you would never before fear.
Stay close to the tone of my pulse while we are here.
Journey on, remember we go oft upon sunken pathways of ground.
All forests, all stones, all slopes akin to roots far within, far down.
They shimmer in shades and fires in your life.
Awaken your deepest fond memory and more will follow.
And soft moonlight we're silent yet content, dead trees remain hollow.
Take heart in this hopeless search in these depths of night we share.
There's always a candle, a lamp and star, let yourself dare.
In unknown ventures in your life.
I'm often longing to show you those old forgotten mountains.
These woods of lonely brown and fading green amid clear fountains.
If a strange comfort lingers inside, I'm the guide, the host outside the hours.
Nothing moves in shadow for untrod hills behind sinister towers.
You're the strong one as my wish for your life.
So come, let the stranger world be found, or a history all our own.
Walk from sorrow's limit, repeat no part in it, can it become unknown?
On moon's glow I'd call out with a voice of delight, now so quiet, like dew.
Once again I walk through darker windows unafraid for your heart
isn't ice-touched blue.
For once in your life, for you.
There it is, the time when night and day are suspended for awhile.
Then dusk begins to deepen, such it is, the wonderful and the wild.
In silence I ponder the common and the odd, now not bleak anymore.
Greying shades of the sky recall no day from before.
It comes to your life.
And this foresight, this hope cannot be in vain.
You the watery starlight only seeing night's rain.
In a thousand hallways or one quite small,
I, by nature, tread quietly but how do I call?
So you can hear an echo of your life.

And when I walk past bridges of mist and stand on the edge of your light,
I disregard the darkness behind surfacing its unknown plight.
An uttered word abounds like trumpets through the wind.
Trembling are the flickering embers round a flame so thin.
This is the peace I know of your life.

I'll bring you a long silken string of time that you can grasp.
I can see every melancholy moment soften happily as they pass.
As I watch the life return to old faded relics by this cleansing air,
Oceans may stir and land may turn but eternity dwells there.
Come to my warm visions of your life.
Where silence lingers in many lost corners, I will say,
Only in such places can one hear a noble flute, and harp play.
Underneath the resting vines the sounds spring up with melic leaves.
Here not many stand, but lay there and rest in its fluttering breeze.
For comfort in your life.
Somewhere is a song, a tale only for you to open and see.
The rolling giants of the air with winds that fret as fast as we.
Sometimes the song finds you, as you wait for its quiet phrases to sing.
I place the shells in sands graciously beside the tide you bring.
For another beacon of white beam lines in your life.
I hold ice in my hand to slip through my fingers as water for the wounds.
They're just my unspoken questions too late for asking and history so soon.
I can feel how it chills from eons ago, on the heart so sore.
Distant thunder from above, up from shaken grounds to roar.
Let it show 'tween moon and sun and its shine is freely yours and mine.
And blue overflowing, steadily growing waves of your love there are your tears.
But gladness aglow, conquer gloom and let me place cobwebs inside your fears.
Warm your eyes on the sun's beaming embrace and of its name that music will know.
Let me give you a candle's light made of earthen fires for any deep snow.
So you can live in your life.

And because you stand uncertain, so unsure of such islands and seas,
I can awake your dreams, give them shape, that your heart believes.
A glow, a spark, a stream of sun and moon whenever dimming befalls your eyes.
A promise to a soul who knows that love and life truly never dies.
For once in your life, for you.

For once in your life,
The eternal sun will rise,
For you.

©Iggy 1988
Inspired by Gounod

Monday, May 24, 2021

Somewhere Out Of Time

Counted moon's pace settled in heaven's grounds of a solid expanded stone.
And the leaves rustled past, then, they were lost in the darkness taking the light.
Are they faded? Are they forgotten? And still buried is an archaic bone.
Never too familiar, never to pass memory's eye, while folded in every shred of night.
Somewhere out of what's shown.
Cold magnet wrapped in fire, gold, grain and vapor of the world in flight.
Astounding tales that came to live and destined to never die, way of star does flow.
How solid now does your feet stand on a place and in a time, in a glimpse of sight?
Remember roaming beasts walked alongside mankind, we can become, we shall foreknow.
Somewhere out of  what's blind.
And mountain rose to climb and small crater upon which your feet fell.
The skies opened overhead, and in shells was found spores, they fled back to their doors.
Befriend those who give nourishment to the soul and the flames that within dwell.
Some clutch relics of their lost kingdom of shadow, their fate leading roundabout course.
Somewhere out of the shell.

The path to the journey, a scale of a two mass and center force, the same key you seek.
Top point and bottomside underfoot, over rainbow's arch subdued and cast.
That time counts not in deep ways, it goes underneath every path, its grasp is weak.
Bring its claw, tooth, and horn from your bones and set foot from the past.
Somewhere out of the bleak.

Giants in gold armor, figures faint and gray to broad darkness descending.
In hazy horizon, seeing Orion, guided by stars take your oar, and use your bow.
Listen with care, the tones have faded into the silent roots, yet no word of ending.
Turn of moon, of midnight and shade, time collects dust in dead hours slow.
Somewhere out doom impending.
Who are they who demand all to show, and all to know, with no word of fate?
Running circles they repeat but in their hearts they've closed their eyes.
While there's something beyond the night and something hidden behind the day.
The same echo of long ago, faded yet sounded new, despite shell's disguise.
Somewhere, not an early hour, not a late.

And they who hide among the night sky cast strange longings in my eyes.
I've been on the rounded slope of sky before, somehow I know.
Echoes ring out after the pouring of the sea, and song began in layers of skies.
Long missed relics of earth beneath settled dust I bring again to bestow.
Somewhere out of  need for the wise.

I have gazed into the shell before and gazed along its outer floor.
In what is older than chapters which claim they are now passed away.
The span of time's place and presence have turned and counted more.
And I fled back to whisper a rhyme of what it may have had to say.
Somewhere out on the spanning shore.

Make your feet follow your will, begin burning and take mass-shadow down.
Stand before the expansion, beyond its ends, follow impossible bends.
Behold yourself a victor upon a peak that has never touched the ground.
Somewhere even with a whisper, even with the tide, the signals sky sends,
Somewhere out on waves of sound.
When reaching out to time's range, await! Await! Seek the dreaded heights of heaven,
When you have found your heart and found in it no wrong.
And compassion in the ways that warm the frosts of despair, you find it then.
Awake! Aware! For the simple love to keep learning the way of song.
Somewhere out of time so long.
Anywhere out of time, out of day or night, never to mask memory's eye.
We see faraway and long ago we saw what is now, here we see things distantly.
Then when we are distant we peer back, we give pause, a look behind.
Over countless landscapes, to here, and all this while to escape persistently.
Somewhere out of time.
Speak truth, deny death, see through its design.
Guide your feet well, run upon crumbling grounds.
Climb onto steeper walls of mountain stone and find,
The place time is conquered, reaching far above the clouds.
Somewhere out of time.
©Iggy 1988